143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: David Julian Gray

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

David Julian Gray

David Julian Gray

Primary Affiliation: NPR - Washington, DC USA

David Julian Gray, is a musician and media technologist currently serving as Senior Product Manager, Content Production for National Public Radio.
He began his career as a founding member of the seminal klezmer revival group, The Klezmorim. His research work with The Klezmorim led to pioneering work in computer aided musicology and audio restoration. At Sonic Solutions in 1993, David led the QA and support teams for MediaNet, the first dedicated media production network. Thus began his current multi-decade sojourn as a metadata shepherd. He joined NPR in 1997 to convert NPR content production to all digital and has been streamlining the flow of metadata ever since.
His current focus is on integration of production tools and services to create frictionless workflows across the entire media content lifecycle: from the initial creative idea, through multiplatform curation and distribution to end user devices capturing audience metrics for producers and distributors.

Session List

Oct 20: B11: Metadata for Radio and Streaming: The Digital Dashboard (Panelist)

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