143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Chris Pike

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Chris Pike

Chris Pike

Primary Affiliation: BBC R&D - Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
Secondary Affiliation: University of York - Heslington, York, UK
AES Member Type: Member

Chris leads the audio research team at BBC R&D, which focusses on the technology for immersive and personalised listening experiences. He leads the BBC Audio Research Partnership, through which the BBC collaborates with world-class universities on audio research, and is active in industry bodies such as the ITU and the EBU. His work has seen the BBC using spatial audio with some of its biggest programme brands, such as the Proms, Planet Earth and Doctor Who. He is also a PhD candidate in the Audio Lab at the University of York, investigating the quality of binaural audio systems.

More Info: http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/audio

Session List

Oct 19: SA07: Practical Immersive Audio at Home (Chair)

Oct 21: B13: What's This? Doctor Who with Spatial Audio! (Presenter)

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