143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Frank Ferrucci

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Frank Ferrucci

Frank Ferrucci

Primary Affiliation: Manhattan Producers Alliance: VP - New York, NY, USA
Secondary Affiliation: Leenalisa Music: Composer/Producer

Frank Ferrucci, a film and TV composer and recording artist known for founding the “Music of the Americas” concerts and album, maintains sister studios in New York City and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For him, world influences are a constant source of inspiration that broaden the palette available for his film and TV scores, as well as his more personal projects.

For Frank, scoring to picture remains a multinational adventure which benefits the director, composer and audience. “The music I create must serve the film and the director's vision,” he concludes. “There is always a challenge and an edge to having a deadline and creating music. But when things are working between a film maker and composer, the art of collaboration is thrilling.”

Frank's shares his experience with the seminar "Approaches to Music for Film and Visual Media". Presented to enthusiastic and capacity audiences in New York and Brazil, it gives a behind the scenes look into the creative process and real life challenges of composing music for film and visual media.
Contact: [email protected]
Seminar details: http://www.ferruccimusic.com/artist/about.php?page=whatsnew

More Info: http://www.ferruccimusic.com

Session List

Oct 20: AC09: Bridging the Gap between Creativity & Technology: Working with Composers on Film and Media Projects (Presenter)

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