143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Larry Revit

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Larry Revit

Larry Revit

Primary Affiliation: Revitronix - Braintree, VT, USA

A musician since childhood, I was shown how to do multi-layer 1/4-track sound-on-sound recordings as a teen. SO COOL! Still in high school, I attended a commercial recording session in New York City, where I sat behind the console next to the amazing (and kind) engineer, Lee DiCarlo, right under a trio of Altec 604E’s, turned up nice and loud (but not too loud), and was hooked for life. Got a job as “janitor and junior engineer” at Apostolic Studios (also in NYC; also sporting three 604E’s over the console), where I learned the basics of miking, recording, and mixing, under the loving guidance of the late, great, engineer David Baker. I was elevated from apprentice to journeyman over a three-year period under the teaching of the exquisitely skillful Skip Frazee, chief engineer at Sound Techniques in Dallas. My final work in pro studios and concert recording included a three-year stint as concert-hall studio manager, engineer, and “assistant studio mentor” at the University of Miami, under Mix Hall of Fame engineer Bill Porter, until I started losing hearing acuity - which turned out to be a progressive, bilateral, sensorineural hearing impairment that is now severe! I later obtained a research masters degree in audiology and hearing impairment from Northwestern University, where I served as teaching assistant to Etymotic Research founder Mead Killion. Now I’ve come full circle: I am providing a patented, multi-loudspeaker laboratory sound system (co-invented by master audio design engineer, Bob Schulein) to major audiology research institutions, for accurate testing of hearing in noise (see www.r-space.com and http://www.hearingreview.com/2007/10/developing-and-testing-a-laboratory-sound-system-that-yields-accurate-real-world-results/). All the while, I’ve kept my nose, heart, and soul in music engineering as much as possible, including making recordings of my own bands and of my friends in my home studio in Braintree, Vermont.

More Info: http://www.revitronix.com

Session List

Oct 18: TW01: Audio Engineering with Hearing Loss—A Practical Symposium (Panelist)

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