143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Elisabeth McMullin

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Elisabeth McMullin

Elisabeth McMullin

Primary Affiliation: Samsung Research America - Valencia, CA USA
AES Member Type: Associate

Elisabeth McMullin is an audio researcher, programmer, and educator who works on the vanguard of acoustic and psychoacoustic research as the Lead Acoustic Researcher for Samsung Research America’s Digital Media Solutions Group.
In her role, Elisabeth is responsible for subjective audio research and competitive benchmarking, helping Samsung to understand human perception of sound, and what listeners want in an audio experience.
Prior to joining Samsung, Elisabeth worked as an Acoustic Researcher in Sean Olive’s psychoacoustic research group at Harman International, where she specialized in developing software applications for subjective testing and evaluation.
She also spent time in her career working as the Lead Technical Engineer at the Village Studios in West Los Angeles and as a college instructor of audio electronics and programming.
Elisabeth has been sole author on two papers, and has co-authored seven AES publications, which include research into audio perception, headphones, and room acoustics.
Elisabeth holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Sound and Dual B.A. Degrees from Brown University in Computer Music and Modern Culture and Media.

Session List

Oct 19: P06: Spatial Audio—Part 1
Apparent Sound Source De-Elevation Using Digital Filters Based on Human Sound Localization (Author)

Oct 19: P09: Recording and Production
A Study of Listener Bass and Loudness Preferences over Loudspeakers and Headphones (Author)

Oct 21: P17: Applications in Audio (Chair)

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