143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou

Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou

Primary Affiliation: Center for Computer Research in Music and Acosutics (CCRMA), Stanford University - Stanford, CA, USA
AES Member Type: Associate

Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou is a PhD candidate at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University where he is a researcher, sound engineer, and composer. Elliot holds degrees in music theory and music technology from Penn State University as well as a degree in music, science, and technology from CCRMA. While at Penn State, he wrote his master's thesis on spatialization in the music of Iannis Xenakis. He is fascinated by strange and interesting sounds and dabbles in all forms of audio.

More Info: http://kermit.audio

Session List

Oct 19: P09: Recording and Production
Recording in a Virtual Acoustic Environment (Author)

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