143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Gino Iannace

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Gino Iannace

Gino Iannace

Primary Affiliation: Università della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" - Aversa, Italy

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1988, with final thesis in Applied Acoustic. Worked in an aerospace company from 1988 to 1990. Ph.D. on Acoustics in 1993, with final thesis in Applied Acoustic on Evaluation Method on Acoustic Barriers for Depressed Roads. Assitant Researcher at the University of Naples “Federico II” Italy from years 1993 to 2001. Associate Professor of Building Physics (Applied Acoustics, Lighting and Building Environmental Control) at the Univesità della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" from 2001. Author of more than 200 scientific papers on acoustics.
I am interesting about:
1) acoustic of ancient theatres with acoustic measurements in situ and with virtual models.
2) acoustic measurements of green materials, and new types of absorbent materials .
3) wind turbines noise

More Info: http://www.architettura.unina2.it/docenti.asp?ID=119

Session List

Oct 20: P15: Applications in Audio
Evaluation of the Acoustics of the Roman Theater in Benevento for Discreet Listening Points (Author)

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