143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Mark F. Bocko

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Mark F. Bocko

Primary Affiliation: University of Rochester - Rochester, NY, USA
AES Member Type: Member
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I'm a Professor and Chair in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY (USA). Currently I’m interested mainly in spatial audio, how to measure and characterize the aspects of acoustic fields that convey spatial information, how we perceive the spatial properties of sonic environments, and how to accurately recreate spatial audio scenes. In my lab at the University of Rochester we also develop new audio interfaces, including flat panel loudspeakers and “audio displays” that can dynamically align sound sources to video imagery. I also direct the Audio and Music Engineering program at the UR and teach courses on acoustics, signal processing, and a freshman course on the Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering, which uses the appeal of audio to help build student enthusiasm for engineering and science studies.

Session List

Oct 20: P13: Transducers
Equalization of Localized Sources on Flat-Panel Audio Displays (Author)

Oct 20: P15: Applications in Audio
Modeling the Effects of Rooms on Frequency Modulated Tones (Author)

Oct 21: EB05: Posters—Part 2
Impulse and Radiation Field Measurements for Single Exciter versus Exciter Array Flat-Panel Loudspeakers (Author)

Oct 21: EB07: Posters—Part 3
Real-Time Multichannel Interfacing for a Dynamic Flat-Panel Audio Display Using the MATLAB Audio Systems Toolbox (Author)

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