143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Gael Martinet

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Gael Martinet

Gael Martinet

Primary Affiliation: Flux:: sound and picture development - Orleans, France
AES Member Type: Associate

My life has always been linked to music. I first learnt playing the violin in primary school at Rouen Conservatory and then the guitar during high school. Leaving high school in 1989, I had in mind to be a musician.

Then I discovered sound engineering as I wanted to record my different bands pieces. I started self-teaching to become a sound engineer and in 1992, I found a job in that field at the Club Méditerranée in Turkey, Greece and Morocco. When I came back to France, I specialised in some audio recording aspects and became a sound engineer.

In 1995, I joined “ Le Studio Bleu” in Orléans and quickly specialized in digital sound engineering.. I was later recruited as a beta-tester by software makers and by the sound engineering magazine “Home Studio” (now “KR: Keyboard Recording”) to write articles about new software. I could meet for example Yves Jaget, a renowned sound engineer who was the first to trust me enough to hire me for the production of several albums for major companies.

Consequently, for five years, I worked as a sound engineer, for Sony Music, Mercury, Barclay, etc. with or for artists such as Claude Nougaro, Johnny Halliday, Zazie, Vanessa Paradis, and many more. With Yves Jaget, I worked on big musicals like “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Ten Commandments” in Paris where we created a special all-digital surround sound control.

In 1999, I started learning C++ program writing and signal processing on my own to create tools for sound processing. In 2000, I founded “Gael Yvan” SARL (PLC), supported by Merging Technology SA (LC), a Swiss company creator of the Pyramix digital audio workstation.

For them, I have created most of the analysis and processing tools in Pyramix : vu-meter, phase-meter, vector-scope, etc. (http://www.merging.com/products/pyramix/vs3-vst), and the VCube, a software for sound and picture synchronization used in cinema post-production commercialized by Merging Technology.

Over the years, the company has become a team of eight. In 2006, we decided to create our own brand, Flux:: Sound and Picture Development (http://www.fluxhome.com/). We wanted to expand our own range of products, developing unique cutting edge soft-wares for dynamics processing and spectral balance which are the root of our products.

Besides, we work in collaboration with the IRCAM (the French music and acoustics research institute) and together created a whole range of innovative products : the IRCAM Tools.

Session List

Oct 18: AC01: 3D Audio Tools for Immersive Audio (Presenter)

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