143rd AES CONVENTION Game Audio & VR Track Event GA14: Immersive Headphone Audio Reproduction in VR/AR

AES New York 2017
Game Audio & VR Track Event GA14

Friday, October 20, 4:30 pm — 6:00 pm (Rm 1E13)

Game Audio & VR: GA14 - Immersive Headphone Audio Reproduction in VR/AR

Juergen Peissig, Sennheiser Electronics - Wedemark, Germany
Linda A. Gedemer, Source Sound VR - Woodland Hills, CA USA; University of Salford - Salford, UK
Jean-Marc Jot, Magic Leap - Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Veronique Larcher, Director AMBEO Immersive Audio, Sennheiser - Switzerland
Qing Zhang, HUAWEI European Research Center - Munich, Germany

Major applications of virtual and augmented reality today are presenting with head mounted displays. This allows for mobility and unconstrained movements and is important especially for augmented reproduction to immersively embed the virtual into the real environment. Here headphone audio reproduction is mandatory to reproduce location dependent personalized 3D sound.
Audio rendering has to be of high perceptual quality to yield a high degree of spatial resolution, externalization and congruence of the virtual with the real acoustical environment. Fitting the augmented audio content to the real acoustical environment and the headphone being transparent for the real acoustical environment are important features.
The panelists will discuss various aspects of these challenges for signal processing and headphone acoustics under different AR & VR application requirements.

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