143rd AES CONVENTION Facilities

Facilities Request Form

To ensure that you will have the proper equipment for your presentation, the Facilities Committee must have your audio, video, computer, and special equipment requirements by October 10, 2017.

Standard facilities for all 143rd lecture session papers, workshops, and tutorial seminar rooms will include video projectors at 1920 x 1080 (16:9) resolution format, with an HDMI connector at the dais. Presenters are encouraged to bring their own adapters for any computer whose output is other than HDMI. Any other video source/format must be specified in the form below. Presenters are responsible for providing their own computers with pre-loaded digital audio or multi-media files if audio playback from a computer is desired. A stereo mini jack will be provided on the dais for this purpose. Please fully describe any special projection or other technical requirements using the text entry form below.

Wi-fi will not be provided as standard for presentation rooms. If you require an internet connection, please indicate this in the form below and include details regarding how you plan to use it in your presentation.

Poster presenters do not need to fill out the form below. For information on the facilities for poster presentation please download the poster guidelines.

If any other audio or video playback formats not listed above are needed, list them in the form below.

A podium, laser pointer, sound reinforcement system, and a two-channel audio playback system will be standard in every room.

Author's preparation room will have a PC with the latest version of Microsoft Office and a networked printer for authors to prepare and test their presentations.

120-Volt, 60-Hz AC line power will be available.

Fill out this form completely, even if you have no additional A/V requirements, and hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The Facilities Committee will consider all requests, but financial constraints may limit their ability to respond to complex requirements. If you have any questions please send an email to the Facilities Chair.

Note: You should use 'tab' to switch between fields. Hitting 'return' might cause the form to submit prematurely.

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