AES Los Angeles 2014
Technical Tour Details

Thursday, October 9, 8:15 am — 12:30 pm (Off-Site 1)

TT1 - QSC Factory

After four decades, QSC Audio Products, LLC, has become a globally recognized leader in professional audio and named one of Orange county’s top workplaces three years in a row. QSC’s products meet the demanding requirements of audio professionals in concert, installation, portable entertainment, and cinema management. The AES tour will focus on QSC’s US-based electronics and loudspeaker factories in their 81,00 square foot state-of-the-art production facility and will highlight lean principals, workplace organization, pull system /one piece continuous flow, mixed model build, material replenishment, and visual management. The tour attendees will also have the chance to learn about QSC’s history and product lines in a brief presentation after the tour.

Attendees will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement to enter the factory.


Thursday, October 9, 8:15 am — 11:00 am (Off-Site 2)

TT2 - Sony Computer Entertainment America

A walkthrough of Sony Computer Entertainment America’s new, state-of-the-art audio facilities located within Santa Monica Studios, the game studio behind the hit God of War franchise. Senior Sound Manager Gene Semel and Sound Design Manager David Collins will lead this walkthrough tour of the facilities, which includes an explanation of tools, process and pipeline, and samples of the studio's audio work in recent releases. Attendees will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement to enter the studio.

This tour is limited to 25 people.


Thursday, October 9, 11:00 am — 1:00 pm (Off-Site 2)

TT3 - Staples Center

Staples Center is a 20,000 seat multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex in downtown Los Angeles, which hosts over 250 events a year, ranging from the LA Lakers, Clippers, Sparks basketball, and Los Angeles Kings hockey games to live concerts and televised special events such as the Grammy Awards. The Staples Center features one of the largest installations of JBL’s digitally-networked, powered VerTec loudspeakers that provides an immersive live sound experience for their four million guests each year. This is a rare glimpse behind the scenes of large venue live sound that will feature a presentation of the sound design for the venue, tour of the sound control room and production facilities along with a sound system listening test.

Tour is limited to 25 persons


Thursday, October 9, 6:15 pm — 9:00 pm (Off-Site 1)

TT4 - 20th Century Fox

The studio that first introduced sound on film over seventy years ago continues to provide leading edge technology in sound for cinema and television. Twentieth Century Fox post production facilities are housed in four of the original Fox sound stages with screening and projection rooms adjacent. The complex includes two ADR stages, a Foley stage, newly renovated dubbing, editing and audio transfer facilities and the fully updated historic Newman Scoring Stage.


Friday, October 10, 10:00 am — 12:00 pm (Off-Site 1)

TT5 - East West Studios

From Frank Sinatra to the Rolling Stones, this iconic studio has produced more Grammy-winning albums than any other studio in the world and won numerous technical excellence awards. Previously known as Western Studios, the five-studio complex has been updated with 21st century technology, while preserving the integrity of the live recording rooms legendary engineer Bill Putnam created in 1961. Studio 1 features an 80 channel Neve 8078 console which was originally commissioned for Michael Jackson's best-selling album, Thriller and later used for U2's Rattle and Hum. The lounges were remodeled before the 2009 reopening, offering a full range of amenities and VIP services to facilitate the creative process, and a complete renovation of Studio 5 was completed in 2014.


Friday, October 10, 11:15 am — 1:30 pm (Off-Site 2)

TT6 - Dolby Theater

One of the world’s premier entertainment venues, the Dolby Theater in Hollywood is an ongoing showcase for the latest innovations in Dolby entertainment technology. Inspired by the elegance of a European opera house, the 3,400 seat theater is home to the Academy Awards and hosts entertainment year round, including theater, ballet, concerts, and numerous other award shows. This special behind the scenes tour for AES members, led by the top technical and audio staff, will visit the theater’s various levels, including the stage and wings, orchestra pit, the stage storage and lift, dressing room level, projection booth with explanation as desired of the various systems and capabilities. This tour includes a quite a bit of walking and stairs.


Friday, October 10, 1:45 pm — 3:00 pm (Off-Site 2)

TT7 - Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world. Designed by architect Frank Gehry from the inside out, the hardwood-paneled main auditorium with surround seating and state-of-the art acoustics creates an intimate musical experience. Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and host to innovative presentations year round, the stainless steel curves of its exterior have made this an internationally recognized architectural landmark. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the audio production and recording facilities.


Friday, October 10, 4:00 pm — 6:30 pm (Off-Site 1)

TT8 - Capitol Studios

Easily recognizable in the skyline since this Hollywood landmark was completed in 1956, Capitol Studios has been a staple of the recording industry for over 50 years. With a strong commitment to sonic integrity, some of their innovative features include adjustable louvered wall panels in Studio A to control variable decay time, and eight subterranean trapezoidal echo chambers 30 feet underground, designed by Les Paul. Studio B has hosted everything from classic rock and roll albums to Nat King Cole, who preferred the isolation booth for his Steinway or Yamaha C9. With production suites and mastering services, Capitol Studios continues to build on their legacy of creative collaboration.


Saturday, October 11, 9:30 am — 11:30 am (Off-Site 1)

TT9 - Henson Recording Studio

In the former A&M Studios since 2000, Henson Recording Studios has continued the legacy started by Herb Albert and Jerry Moss nearly 50 years ago, with a 5-studio recording facility that blends state of the art with vintage equipment. Designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, the studio was designed to resemble an English village when built in 1917 to house Charlie Chaplin Film Studios. The 80,000 square-foot facility still retains many of the original eccentric architectural features, and a rich history of music and film in Hollywood. This tour will include part of the historic lot.

This tour is limited to 25 people.


Saturday, October 11, 12:30 pm — 2:30 pm (Off-Site 1)

TT10 - The Village

The original Village Recorders that Geordie Hormel built in 1968 was on the brink of being demolished in 1995, when new CEO Jeff Greenberg recruited Grammy winning engineer Al Schmitt to consult on a room-by-room renovation. Two years later, freshly rewired and reequipped, The Village was once again a state of the art studio drawing a new generation of talent, like John Mayer and the Raconteurs to the rooms where Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan recorded.

The six studios include the largest collection of Neve analog consoles in the US and an impressive array of modern and vintage mics, amps and outboard gear. Built in a 1920s era former Masonic Temple, Village retains much of the original architecture and has an auditorium and ballroom, in addition to the studios and artist lounges.


Sunday, October 12, 10:30 am — 12:30 pm (Off-Site 1)

TT11 - The Dub Stage

The Dub Stage specializes in sound for cinema and television. Marti D. Humphrey CAS, a 33-year veteran of Hollywood post-production with multiple primetime Emmy awards, will lead this tour with a brief presentation, Q & A, and demonstration of their Meyer Acheron Cinema Sound System, with 37 speakers and Barco Auro-3D 11.1 system for immersive 3D sound, built around an Avid Pro Tools HDX.

This tour is limited to 40 people.


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