AES Los Angeles 2014
Project Studio Expo

in association with Sound On Sound

"I've got all these great tools, now what?"
Come out of your bat cave and join us for our next Project Studio Expo bringing together the top people, tools, and techniques. Learn best practices and tricks from the pros. Talk to your tool makers. Listen, learn, and connect with your peers.

���We strongly support AES in striking out in this new direction, and believe that in the years to come, the Project Studio Expo will grow into an important event in its own right.���
-- Craig Anderton

AES has a long history serving the recording community, from the early days of monophonic vinyl to today's modern multichannel digital audio formats. The Project Studio Expo, created in partnership with Sound On Sound, brings the latest techniques, tools, and experts together for professional training on topics ranging from acoustics in small spaces to microphone placement, mixing, and mastering.

The Project Studio Expo will be located on the show floor next to the exhibits. It is open to the public and is free if you register in advance.

Friday, October 10

Friday, October 10, 11:15 am — 12:15 pm
Session PSE1   Vocal Recording in the Project Studio

Friday, October 10, 12:30 pm — 1:30 pm
Session PSE2   It Won't Sound Right If You Don't Hear It Right: Studio Acoustics, Monitoring & Critical Listening

Friday, October 10, 1:45 pm — 2:45 pm
Session PSE4   The Five Most Common Project Studio Recording Mistakes

Friday, October 10, 3:00 pm — 4:00 pm
Session PSE5   Listen Up, and Learn!

Friday, October 10, 4:15 pm — 5:00 pm
Session PSE6   Where to Focus Your Studio Gear Purchasing with a Limited Budget

Friday, October 10, 5:15 pm — 6:00 pm
Session PSE7   Irons in the Fire: Career and Business Development Mentoring with the Manhattan Producers Alliance


Saturday, October 11

Saturday, October 11, 10:45 am — 12:15 pm
Session PSE8   Creating a Project Studio

Saturday, October 11, 12:30 pm — 1:15 pm
Session PSE9   Mixing Secrets: Production Tricks to Use with any DAW

Saturday, October 11, 1:30 pm — 2:15 pm
Session PSE13   Listen Up, and Learn!—Track 2

Saturday, October 11, 2:30 pm — 3:45 pm
Session PSE11   The Special Sauce for Mixing a Hit Record

Saturday, October 11, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm
Session PSE12   The Importance of a Reference Monitoring Level


Sunday, October 12

Sunday, October 12, 11:00 am — 11:45 am
Session PSE14   Focal Press

Sunday, October 12, 12:00 pm — 12:45 pm
Session PSE15   Audionamix

Sunday, October 12, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm
Session PSE16   Focusrite Novation

Sunday, October 12, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm
Session PSE17   Real-World AVB Networking in the Studio and on Stage Using MOTU AVB Audio Interfaces


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