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Jens Kristian Poulsen

Jens Kristian Poulsen

Primary Affiliation: BlackBerry - Waterloo, ON, Canada

Ph.D. from Aarhus University, Denmark “Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasonic Imaging, Measurement of Ultrasonic Flow & High Frequency Nonlinear Imaging”. Solved a fundamental limitation with the invention of an accurate method for accurate 3-D dimensional flow measurement and imaging using 2-D ultrasonic data. Invented an improved receiver circuit for high frequency nonlinear imaging.

Worked as ASIC designer 2000-2008 at Sonion Microtronic designing low voltage, low power circuits for MEMS microphones. Developed digital microphone test system used worldwide by Nokia. Worked on digital signal processing algorithms for acoustical beamforming. Was responsible for Sonion MEMS contribution to the EU FP5 and FP6 MINAMI array microphone research projects. This was done using digital MEMS microphones, acoustic array optimization, multirate low power signal processing and reuse of hardware. The project was developed for high fidelity cost optimized applications for the hearing impaired.

Participated in MIPI LML/SLIMbus work 2004-2006. Contributed on the physical layer definition, synchronization, interrupt processing and various other aspects of the bus. Co-inventor on bus structure covering SLIMbus topology.

Worked as consultant for Zensys A/S, designed circuits and systems planning for digital RF processing including decimation, interpolation and the baseband signal processing block, using multiplier-free multi-rate lattice-wave low sensitivity IIR filters for cost and area reduction.

Working at RIM/BlackBerry 2009-current, wrote specifications for an advanced chip for headset jack detection and adaption. Project was completed using dual sourcing and chip was used in multiple mobile phones. Worked as technical interface to the vendors and solved EMI problems using nonlinear characterization of components.

Invention of single wire bus system, filed several RIM/BlackBerry patents including IP covering the SoundWire bus system. Introduced SoundWire to MIPI June 2012.

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Oct 11: EB4: eBriefs—Papers Session 2
SoundWire: A New MIPI Standard Audio Interface (Author)

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