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Mark J. Indelicato

Mark J. Indelicato

Primary Affiliation: Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY, USA

Mark J. Indelicato is an associate professor in the Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Department. He has been at RIT since 1990. Previously, he was a Business Systems Communications Engineer for NEC America. Currently, Indelicato is researching Real Time Audio Collaboration (RTAC) and the feasibility, logistics and implementation of live recording sessions carried and delivered over IP networks. Recording engineers and musicians would be in disparate locations anywhere in the world where they have access the commodity or Internet 2. It is the expectation that the commodity internet would not be the best choice for this application at this point. Research would begin using Internet 2.
Anomaly Detection for Music
Using the D-Transform Anomaly Detection/Classification (ADC) algorithm to profile sections of popular music, Indelicato will be studying consistencies and inconsistencies in digital music to determine if common traits that can be identified. Various parameters will be changed in order to determine statistical, repeatable factors that separate average and exceptional music.
He plans to show if there exists consistently observable characteristics of popular songs. The "hook" or clearly identifiable piece of hits songs will be analyzed using the D-Transform Anomaly/ Detection/Classification (ADC) algorithm of Chance Glenn, Ph.D. It will be determined if these characteristics are consistent within genres of music or across genres. The Top 10 songs in specific categories, according to Billboard, will be the source of our sample pool of music for this initial investigation. Once a robust set of profiles are developed, we will use Prof. Warren Koontz's clustering algorithm to determine if these profiles tend to "group." This will lead to a method to predict if music will be popular based on the proximity to established profiles of already accepted popular music.
Indelicato is an active member of IEEE, ASEE, ITERA, and AES.

Session List

Oct 10: P10: Spatial Audio
Multichannel-Reproduced Music with Height Ambiences: Investigating Physical and Perceptual Factors for Comprehensive 3D Experience (Author)

Oct 11: P16: Applications in Audio: Part 2
How Critical Listening Exercises Complement Technical Courses to Effectively Provide Audio Education for Engineering Technology Students (Author)

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