AES Los Angeles 2014
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Thursday, October 9, 2:15 pm — 4:15 pm (Room 404 AB)

H1 - Evolution of Studio Acoustic Design

Mark Gander, JBL Professional/Harman International - Northridge, CA, USA
George Augspurger, Perception Inc. - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Chips Davis, Chips Davis Designs, LLC - San Francisco, CA, USA
Richard Schrag, Russ Berger Design Group - Addison, TX, USA
John Storyk, Architect, Studio Designer and Principal, Walters-Storyk Design Group - Highland, NY, USA

A panel of four distinguished studio designers, George Augspurger, Russ Berger, John Storyk, and Chips Davis, each with career durations of over forty years, will give individual perspectives on how methods have evolved in their work and the industry from the 1960s to the present day. They will outline the development of modern studio design principles by presenting key examples of their projects, to be followed by panel interaction and questions from the audience.


Thursday, October 9, 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm (Room 408 B)


H2 - Audio Architects of the Nashville Sound: Highlights from the AES Nashville Lifetime Achievement Awards

Michael Janas, Belmont University - Nashville, TN, USA

“Nashville would have never become a recording center without the engineers,” - Country Music Hall of Fame and Musicians Hall of Fame guitarist Harold Bradley.

As often as people talk about how great records sound from many decades back, so little attention has been given to the engineers who captured the sound for all-time. If the sounds weren’t captured just right by the engineer, it would be a completely different story to all who hear them.” - Eddie Stubbs, WSM 650 disc jockey and Grand Ole Opry Announcer. Audio engineers played a crucial role in the evolution of the Nashville sound through the combination of their technical prowess, their own musicianship and their ability to understand the needs of the artist, the music, and bring to fore the elements of a hit song. In 2012 the Nashville Chapter of the AES began to honor these audio engineers with the AES Nashville Lifetime Achievement Awards. Presented annually in the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum, these awards honor the individuals with a sustained record of outstanding achievement in music and sound in the Nashville recording industry. Many of the twenty-one individuals honored as of 2014 have recorded and mastered thousands of hit recordings from many different genres while others developed technology audio engineers and musicians rely upon today, such as inline console architecture and the distortion pedal. Highlights from the past three AES Nashville Lifetime Achievement Awards presentations will be featured in this program, including audio recordings, still images, video interviews and video footage from the presentations.


Friday, October 10, 5:30 pm — 6:30 pm (Room 409 AB)


H3 - Benjamin Bauer and the Shure Unidyne Microphone: 75 Years of Audio Legend

Michael Pettersen, Shure Incorporated - Niles, IL, USA

2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the Shure model 55 Unidyne Microphone and the Uniphase acoustical network. This historical presentation provides an overview of the life and career of Benjamin Bauer who developed the Uniphase network. Bauer (born Baumzweiger), an immigrant from Ukraine, developed the network at age 24 and it earned him the first of over 100 patents in audio technology. After a twenty year career at Shure Incorporated, Bauer headed audio research for twenty years at CBS Laboratories. Included in the presentation are photos and details of the first Unidyne mic elements constructed by Bauer. These prototypes were uncovered December 2013 in the Shure Archived and have not been seen since the early 1940s. Also included are historical photos of Unidyne microphones from the past 75 years.


Saturday, October 11, 12:15 pm — 1:15 pm (Room 402 AB)


H4 - History of Audio Measurement Technology

John Murray, Optimum System Solutions - Woodland Park, CO, USA

Starting with early CRT real-time analyzers and strip-chart recorders, moving through LED RTAs to time-gated direct sound and windowing methodologies, to the full dual FFT era, including both dedicated boxes as well as software cards and programs, this presentation will track the historical development of audio measurement systems for sound reinforcement. Systems to be mentioned in the timeline will include HP, Altec, Amber, Arta, Audio Control, Audio Precision (Tektronix), Barclay Badap, B&K, Crown BDP-2 & TEF, General Radio, Goldline, Ivie, Meyer SIM, Neptune (NEI), SIA SMAART, Spectra Foo, UREI Sonipulse, UREI 200/2000 w/HP 7010B, and White Instruments.

Perspective on the practical application and technical progression of these types of measurement systems will be shared. Insight will be presented as to how the advancement of the technology fostered the expansion of knowledge for both the practitioners of system design and tuning, and for the developers of new loudspeaker/processing products. The presenter, John Murray, has made a life-long study of sound-system equalization and the tools used for it. Having experience in all sides of the sound reinforcement industry, his career has been greatly influenced by these measurement systems.


Saturday, October 11, 5:30 pm — 6:30 pm (Room 409 AB)

H5 - History of Line Arrays

Mark Ureda, Harman Professional - Northridge, CA, USA

A presentation on the history of line arrays from the earliest column speakers through to modern methods and configurations of fixed and portable line array implementations. The presenter, Mark Ureda, has worked for Altec-Lansing and Electro-Voice as well as JBL/Harman, and is the author of a number of AES line array papers.


Sunday, October 12, 2:30 pm — 4:30 pm (Room 408 A)

H6 - Authentic Replication and Modeling of Vintage Audio Gear

Dennis Fink, Crestron Electronics - Rockleigh, NJ, USA
Dave Berners, Universal Audio
David Derr, Empirical Labs - Parsippany, NJ, USA
Steve Jackson, Pulse Techniques - Fort Collins, CO, USA
Dan Kennedy, Great River Electronics - St. Paul, MN, USA

A panel of manufacturers who are engaged in manufacturing modern versions of classic audio products will each profile one or more products, describing some of the methods which they use to duplicate the classic performance of the pieces. Dennis Fink, formerly with UREI, MSD consulting to JBL and others, Universal Audio and Fink Audio, will moderate and begin with an outline of the different categories of product types. The participants will include representatives of manufacturers who do both hardware as well as software plug-ins. Each manufacturer will present products, methods and techniques, with discussion of measured and sonically-judged faithfulness and/or improvements, and then panel interaction, and questions from the audience.


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