AES London 2011
Student / Career Event

Saturday, May 14, 09:00 — 10:45 (Room 5)

Education Forum Panel

Alex Case, University of Massachusetts, Lowell - Lowell, MA, USA

Teaching the Teachers—A Round Table Discussion Among Audio Educators

While audio itself—in all her disciplines—advances at breakneck speed, the educators supporting it must make equivalent progress. AES conventions are reliable catalysts for earnest discussions among audio educators. However the convention, rich with so many activities, always seems to end too soon. Curriculum, personnel, and facilities must offer both time-proven fundamentals and cutting edge innovations. It happens in multiple modes: the classroom, the studio, the lab, online, campus committee meetings, and through industry relationships. We've all found solutions here, and nuggets of wisdom there; we wrestle with challenges and unknowns elsewhere. Join this discussion as we seek to define and prioritize the key issues facing educators and create a vision for the most effective way to address them in future AES activities—through conventions, conferences, online interactions, and more. Share your ideas for the most essential forms of research and the best ways to present the results: publications, tutorials, workshops, and other collaborations. What are the topics educators need to discuss, and what is the best format for sharing our advancements? AES provides the essential community for sharing and learning among audio educators. Help us design the next steps for increasing our productivity, accelerating our innovation, enriching our camaraderie, and enhancing our quality as educators.

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