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AES Amsterdam 2008 - Sessions and Events Organized by Industry Category

On the following pages we have organized the various sessions and events into categories which we felt would be most relevant to specific professional audio communities. This was done to make your browsing through the multitude of sessions a little easier.

However don't let this prevent you from sampling sessions which are not on ‘your list’. An AES convention provides the ideal opportunity to ‘look over the fence’ and broaden your horizons. Make the most of it!

We have used the following categories:
RECORDING INDUSTRY (sound recording, processing, distribution, and sound for film/video and games)
BROADCASTING (sound capture, contribution, recording, processing, transmission/distribution, and TV-sound)
LIVE SOUND (concert sound, public address applications including houses of worship)
ACOUSTICS (hearing, architectural acoustics, measurement/instrumentation, musical acoustics)
CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND APPLICATIONS (home, automobile, portable, internet)
PRODUCT MANUFACTURING (R&D, software, hardware, semiconductors, transducers)
LIBRARIES, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES (archiving, restoration, forensics)
EDUCATION (students of electrical engineering, computer science, acoustics, recording techniques, and their educators)

And, to make a link to AES conventions in the past few years where we highlighted the development and growing importance of archiving applications: