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AES E-News: April 8 - Dublin Convention Wrap-Up, IIA 2019 Conference, April Inside Track, Upcoming Conferences, Standards News, Job Board, April Journal

Table of Contents

  1. Dublin Convention Wrap-Up
  2. Success for IIA 2019 Conference
  3. April Inside Track
  4. Upcoming Conference News
  5. Job Board Update
  6. AES Journal April Issue Now Available

Dublin Convention Wrap-Up


AES 146th Convention
Location: Convention Center, Dublin, Ireland
Dates: 20-23 March, 2019

The 146th Convention drew to a close on March 23, wrapping up four days of audio science and education that drew attendees from 47 countries. “It was a pleasure to bring the AES convention to Dublin for the very first time,” commented Convention Co-Chair and Dublin resident Enda Bates, “and an excellent way to kick off the formation of the new AES Ireland regional section in style. It was also great to see a more diverse range of presenters and topics, something which was specifically highlighted by many attendees as a welcome development.”

One important outcome is that over 100 Papers and Engineering Briefs presented there have been posted in the AES E-Library. AES members get free access!

Among the awards presented at the Opening Ceremony, the prestigious AES Silver Medal was presented to Jamie A. S. Angus-Whiteoak for a lifetime of important contributions to audio engineering and instruction, and for outstanding achievement in the field of audio engineering.

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Success for Immersive and Interactive Audio Conference

Immersive conf

York, UK, March 27-29, 2019
Some 200 delegates gathered for this sold-out conference in York. IIA 2019 was an outstanding feat of organisation, led by Gavin Kearney, Damian Murphy and their energetic committee, supported by excellent facilities and weather at the University of York. You can get a flavour of the event with some reactions, good pictures and videos from the conference Twitter feed. A full report will appear in the Journal.

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April Inside Track Features Audio Coding

Inside Track

The AES Inside Track features expert industry curators highlighting a topic of choice, with editorial insight as well as links to related research topics, videos, and more. It's available exclusively through the AES Member Portal and is a member benefit, free to all AES members.

This month's curator is Marina Bosi, a pioneer in the field of digital audio coding, as well as a Past President and Fellow of the AES. Introducing this month's edition, Marina says "Few of us would have dared imagine the revolutionary impact that audio coding would have on the general consumption of digital media... I've compiled a set of links to papers and other resources to introduce you to some of the fundamental issues and challenges arising in audio coding. You don't need to be an audio codec designer to understand the basic principles behind this powerful technology and to ultimately apply it correctly".

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Upcoming Conference News

2019 International Conference on Audio Forensics

Forensics conf

Porto, Portugal, June 18-20, 2019
It's not long until our Audio Forensics conference starts, so register now! Keynote presentations will be offered by Karlheinz Brandenburg and Udo Zölzer, and tutorials by Eliud Bonilla (Automatic Speaker Recognition), Catalin Grigoras (Forensic Audio Authentication) and Andy Sarroff (Deep Learning for Audio Synthesis, Separation, and Enhancement).

There'll also be a social event consisting of a guided tour of the Sandeman Port Wine Cellars followed by wine tasting. That's complemented by a sight-seeing walk, then a guided tour of Bolsa Palace, followed by dinner at the Bolsa Palace Restaurant.

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2019 International Conference on Headphone Technology

Headphone conf

San Francisco, CA, USA, August 27-29, 2019
The conference will be an interdisciplinary gathering encouraging fruitful discussions across the headphone, hearing aid and audio delivery industries. You can find out more about the fascinating keynote lectures to be presented at the 2019 Headphone Technology Conference. Also the committee is still seeking people interested in giving demonstrations, workshops or thematically suited product presentations.

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2019 International Conference on Automotive Audio


Audi Driving Experience Center, Neuburg an der Donau, Germany, September 11-13, 2019
Papers and workshops proposals are sought for our next Automotive Audio conference, with a deadline of May 19 for papers. If you're working in this field, why not consider presenting your work to your colleagues at this important event?

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Standards News

AES48-2019 AES standard on interconnections - Grounding and EMC practices - Shields of connectors in audio equipment containing active circuitry, has recently been published. This standard specifies requirements for the connections of the designated shield contact of connectors built into audio equipment using active circuitry. These requirements are necessary for the preservation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) at both audio and radio frequencies. AES standards are free to download by AES members.

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Job Board Update

Job Board Update

The AES Job Board is where audio companies post their latest job openings. As an AES member you receive notifications of the most recent postings here:

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AES Journal April Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This month's issue includes:

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