AES 58th International Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders

For a healthier enjoyment of music

Music Induced Hearing Disorders


Dates: June 28-30, 2015
Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Abstracts and detailed program now available

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See the Conference Preview published in J.Audio Eng. Soc., Vol.63, N0. 5, 2015 May

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Sponsored by:

Danish Sound Technology Network

The adverse effects of excessive music exposure is widely recognized and addressed in modern societies, yet there is a continued need for innovative solutions that may help prevent hearing damage, or compensate intelligently when the damage is done. This conference intends to bring international focus on technological options for safer music exposure, such as hearing protection strategies and technology, conditions for populations at risk and risk behaviors, methods for sound exposure monitoring and assessment of hearing, among others. This will be the second AES conference on the topic, and following the success of the AES 47th Conference at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, USA, the organizing committee has decided to continue the important task of providing a forum to present and discuss the latest knowledge and technological advancements in hearing protection, hearing diagnosis, impact of musical sound exposure and more.

 Proposed topics for papers:

Hearing Exposure Measurement and Control Devices
Surveys of Exposure Levels at Live Events and by Personal Music Players
Sound Level Management for Live Sound Events
Technologies for Monitoring and Controlling Consumer Audio Devices
Active and Passive Hearing Protection Devices
High-Fidelity Listening Devices
Effects of Exposure to Loud Music
Music versus Noise as an Exposure Agent
Temporary Effects on Hearing from Music Sound Exposure
Hearing Loss in the Music Industry
Behavioral Patterns of Populations at Risk of Music Induced Hearing Disorders
Medical Therapies and Procedures for Hearing Protection and Hearing Loss Regeneration
Electroacoustic Technologies to Prevent and Cope with Hearing Disorders (e.g.Tinnitus)
Technologies for Producing Multimedia Content for the Hearing Impaired
Electronic Devices for Hearing Impaired Musicians and Sound Production Engineers
Standardization and Legislation of Exposure to Music

Target Audience: Musicians, audiologists, sound engineers, hearing researchers, hearing care specialists, audio equipment specialists, hearing aid developers.

Schedule for Submission of Papers:

Complete-manuscript, by February 11, 2015. Accepted authors will be notified by March 25, 2015. Final revised manuscripts will be due by April 15, 2015.

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