Classes in Forensic Audio

at the National Center for Media Forensics


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Classes in Forensic Audio  


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The National Center for Media Forensics at the University of Colorado Denver (host institution of the AES- Audio Forensics Conference) is located directly across the street from the Warwick Hotel and will be offering 3-day training classes on Audio Enhancement and Authentication for educational credit in the days immediately before and following the Conference.  Additionally, a Pre-Conference Workshop on Forensic Speaker Comparison will be hosted at the NCMF.  Course details.


June 11-13 (2012): Forensic Authentication of Digital Audio in the NCMF classroom

Students explore techniques to address challenges in the authentication of digital audio with regard to evidence admissibility and counterfeit detection. Digital data analysis, compression level analysis, and ENF collection and comparison will be discussed. Registration $1,100.

June 18-20 (2012): Forensic Audio Enhancement in the NCMF classroom

This course covers practical fundamentals in digital audio theory as well as forensic audio handling and enhancement. Specifically, hands-on practice will include: digital evidence tools that can aid in the recovery of digital audio, spectral tools for forensic analysis including the FFT spectrum and spectrogram, and specific filters for noise reduction and stereo source separation. Students will create their own recordings for group problem solving and discussion. Registration $900.


For more information and to register for these classes, please email [email protected].

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