2019 AES Conference on Automotive Audio: Committee

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Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik, Mvoid
[email protected]

Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik


Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik is President & CEO of the Mvoid Group, specializing in providing consulting services and innovative technologies for Automotive, Consumer and Professional Audio as well as the developer of Mvoid® (Multidisciplinary virtually optimized industrial Design) methodology. He has been researching for more than 25 years in the areas of Multiphysics and virtual as well as computational acoustics.

Alfred is Chairman of the AES Technical Committee for Automotive Audio.
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Vice Chair: 

Wolfram Jähn, Audi


Wolfram Jähn has been a Sound System Engineer at AUDI AG for more than 20 years. He is responsible for the entire development of sound systems including concept design, component development, integration, sound design and approval of sound systems in Audi vehicles. In 2005 he introduced the first OEM high-end sound system for the AUDI A8. Before joining Audi he was Transducer Designer at NOKIA Audioelectronics and Sound System Engineer for various customers, e.g. FIAT, NISSAN, Renault.


Papers Chairs: 
Greg Sikora, Harman

Papers: [email protected] 

Greg (Grzegorz) Sikora is a Senior Manager and the Head of Acoustic Systems Engineering department at HARMAN – Lifestyle (Car Audio) Division. He’s responsible for sound system design and sound tuning for multiple European OEMs, managing acoustic performance of such premium brands as: Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Harman/Kardon and JBL.

Greg graduated from McGill University with Tonmeister degree (MMus) and with engineering degree (MScEng) from Gdansk University of Technology. Before joining automotive audio, Greg worked in the recording studios around the world and published numerous scientific papers on acoustics and psychoacoustics. He is an active AES member since 2005.



Papers Chairs:
Tommaso Nizzoli, Mvoid


Tommaso Nizzoli is Chief CAE Analyst of the Mvoid Group. He has been working for more than 15 years at the R&D of Professional Audio Manufacturers (RCF and Eighteensound) designing low and mid frequency electroacoustic transducers as well as managing End-of-line Test systems. In 2011 Tommaso became an independent consultant in the field of Transducer Design and CAE Analyst for Automotive Audio starting his collaboration with Mvoid in 2014. He is an AES member.




Lars Carlsson, Dirac


Lars Carlson, General Manager Automotive Audio at Dirac Research AB, development and sales of unique audio optimization software and solutions giving immersive user experience in Automotive, Home Audio and Consumer Electronics. Lars has more than 25 years of experience in NVH, simulations and testing in different leadership positions.




Website Coordinator:
Patrick Dennis, Nissan


Patrick Dennis is Principal Engineer at Nissan for Audio Sound Quality, Bluetooth Hands-free and Voice Recognition.  He has been in audio for 27 years with positions held in competitive analysis, speaker design and acoustic system design.  

Patrick is Vice Chairman of the AES Technical Committee for Automotive Audio.  





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