2016 AES International Conference on Sound Field Control

Sound Field Control


Dates: July 18-20, 2016
Location: Guildford, UK


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We invite you to participate in the second AES International Conference on Sound Field Control, which will gather researchers, engineers and users to explore and discuss arrays, algorithms, abstractions and applications for sound field control. Sound field control technology enables the active management of audio delivered within an acoustical environment. There are many challenges in making the signal capture, processing and reproduction suitable to tailor the sound field for specific applications, occupancy or listeners’ requirements. Potential uses of the technology include the creation of independent sound zones, active control of noise, personal communication systems, electroacoustic manipulation of room acoustics, and replication of complex spatial sound fields using multichannel audio systems. Application areas include automotive audio, telecommunications, consumer entertainment systems, portable devices, aircraft interiors, virtual reality, live music and professional audio, concert halls, cinemas, museums and other public venues. The three-day conference program incorporates keynote and tutorial lectures, research talks, themed workshop panel discussions, poster presentations and demonstrations. It will focus on the dissemination of technical solutions and recommended practices, which may stimulate new ideas for potential commercial applications of sound field control.

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