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AES Standards Committee to Address Culturally Insensitive Terms in Standards

AES Standards Committee to Address Culturally Insensitive Terms in Standards

Throughout its work over the past 70-plus years, the AES Standards Committee has sought to unify and educate the audio engineering community and related industries in achieving the highest levels of art and science, possible. In its continued efforts, and with a keen eye on the growing diversity and inclusion efforts within the Audio Engineering Society, the AES Standards Committee has begun a project to update terminology in AES Standards, and throughout the industry, where that terminology may be culturally insensitive.

Use of the terms "master" and "slave" are specifically being examined, but others may be as well. This is a general issue for all products, systems, architectures, and standards that have used those terms heretofore. Please visit the AES Standards News Blog for further information on the topic. Comments can be submitted to standards@aes.org.

The AES recognizes the great work of audio innovators, developers and practitioners everywhere, inclusive of all backgrounds and interests and hopes that you will join us in achieving the highest possible standards for everyone involved.

Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2020

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AES Virtual Symposium on Applications of Machine Learning in Audio Set for September 28 — 29

Register now for the AES Virtual Symposium on Applications of Machine Learning, taking place online, September 28 — 29

Register now for the AES Virtual Symposium on Applications of Machine Learning, taking place online, September 28 — 29

— The AES invites academic and audio industry researchers and practitioners to participate in the first AES event dedicated to machine learning —

Continuing its growing series of virtual events, the Audio Engineering Society has set dates for a two-day virtual symposium, “Applications in Machine Learning in Audio,” being presented online, September 28 – 29. The events’ technical program, featuring a keynote address by electronic/A.I. composer Holly Herndon, will explore topics including automatic mixing, audio source separation, audio visualization and effect control, audio capture and recording, and sourcing audio data, as well as legal issues created by this new form of science and art. Registration is just $25 for AES members and $150 for non-members, the latter includes one year of complimentary AES membership and access to full member benefits and resources.

The AES 2020 Virtual Symposium on Machine Learning in Audio is led by a group of organizers with a range of experience in the world of both machine learning and audio engineering applications, including committee chair and AES President-Elect Jonathan Wyner (iZotope) and program chairs Andy Sarroff (iZotope), Christian Uhle (Fraunhofer IIS) and Gordon Wichern (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories). The program, to be offered across two four-hour days to maximally accommodate participants in different geographical regions, will consist of pre-recorded presentations with live Q&A alongside parallel sessions in dedicated breakout rooms. Each day will conclude with an online social hour.

“AI and the influence of data are all around us,” shares Symposium Chair Jonathan Wyner. “Exploring the potentially disruptive and beneficial impact of these emerging technologies will be the focus of our event. Attendees will learn about how it is already present in products and workflows and where it may appear next.”

Keynote presenter Herndon personifies the depth and diversity of the Symposium’s presenter pool. She studied composition at Stanford University and completed her Ph.D. at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics and continues her artistic career while currently based in Berlin, Germany. The composer, on her latest full-length album, PROTO, fronts and conducts an electronic pop choir consisting of both human and A.I. voices over a musical palette that encompasses everything from synths to Sacred Harp stylings.

In addition to the scheduled technical program sessions, the event committee is currently accepting proposals for parallel breakout sessions on related topics. Accepted presenters will submit a pre-recorded video between five and 10 minutes long, which attendees of the symposium will have the opportunity to view beforehand. During the session, presenters will be online in an interactive video channel, where they may present further materials and answer questions from attendees.

For registration and further information, visit http://www.aes.org/events/2020/learning/.

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2020

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AES Announces Results of 2020 Elections

AES Announces Results of 2020 Elections

The Audio Engineering Society has announced the incoming Officers and Governors following the 2020 Board of Directors and Board of Governors elections. The Society’s membership has elected Joshua Reiss as President-Elect, Marina Bosi as Treasurer-Elect and re-elected Valerie Tyler as Secretary. Additionally, Alex Kosiorek has been re-elected as Vice President Western Region, USA/Canada; Gabriel Herman has been elected as Vice President Eastern Region, USA/Canada; and Elena Prokofieva has been elected as Vice President Northern Region, Europe. Newly elected Governors are Brad McCoy, Paul “Willie Green” Womack and Jun Yamazaki. Save for the President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect, each newly-elected individual will serve a two-year term, while those re-elected will have their current term of office extended by an additional two years. Reiss will serve a year as President-Elect, in 2022 as President, in 2023 as Past-President and two years as a Governor. All those newly elected will begin their terms on January 1, 2021 except for Marina Bosi, who will immediately assume her one-year role as Treasurer-Elect, then become Treasurer.

Outgoing from the Board of Governors as regional Vice Presidents are Gary Gottlieb (Eastern Region, USA/Canada) and Per Sjösten (Northern Region, Europe). Governors with terms ending at the end of 2020 are Leslie Gaston-Bird, Jessica Livingston and Piper Payne. Additionally, Director, Governor and Past-President (twice removed) Alex Case will complete his five-year commitment to the BoG and his one-year term as a Board of Governors-elected Director. In 2021, current Past-President Nadja Wallaszkovits will transition to Governor for the first year of a two-year term. Beginning one-year terms are President Agnieszka Roginska, who will transition to Past-President, and President-Elect Jonathan Wyner, who will become President.

“Congratulations to all the newly elected Governors and officers of the AES,” says President Agnieszka Roginska. “We look forward to the new ideas and energy they will bring to AES governance. All of the candidates on the 2020 ballot were extremely qualified – they honored the Society with their willingness to serve, and for that we offer our sincere thanks. To those leaving the Boards, we express our deepest gratitude for their service and commitment to the Society.”

The election was monitored, and the results presented, by Gary Louie, Chair of the AES’s Tellers Committee.

For more information on the Audio Engineering Society, please visit www.aes.org.

The 2021 Audio Engineering Society Board of Directors will be:

Jonathan Wyner: President

Agnieszka Roginska: Past-President

Joshua Reiss: President-Elect

Valerie Tyler: Secretary

Glenn Lorbecki: Treasurer

Marina Bosi: Treasurer-Elect

Alex Kosiorek: Director

One additional Director will be named by the Board of Governors per the AES Bylaws.


In addition to the Directors listed above, the 2021 Audio Engineering Society Board of Governors will be:

Ian Corbett: Vice President, Central Region, USA/Canada

Thomas Görne: Vice President, Central Region, Europe

Gabriel Herman: Vice President, Eastern Region, USA/Canada

Alex Kosiorek: Vice President, Western Region, USA/Canada

Cesar Lamschtein: Vice President, Latin American Region

Elena Prokofieva: Vice President, Northern Region, Europe

Alberto Pinto: Vice President, Southern Europe/Middle East/Africa Region

Shusen Wang: Vice President, Asia-Pacific Region

Brecht De Man: Governor

Brad McCoy: Governor

Valeria Palomino: Governor  

Magdalena Piotrowska: Governor  

David W. Scheirman: Governor

Nadja Wallaszkovits: Governor

Paul “Willie Green” Womack: Governor

Jun Yamazaki: Governor


Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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Registration Options and Schedule Announced for AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality August Event

Registration is now open for the online AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality, August 17 — 19

Registration is now open for the online AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality, August 17 — 19

— Conference and exhibition will bring together a community of influential research scientists, engineers, VR, AR and MR developers, and content providers in an interactive, immersive environment —


The Audio Engineering Society has released preliminary details on the upcoming International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality (AVAR), set to take place in its own online virtual venue, August 17 – 19. The event will serve as a hub of innovation for the latest research in the fields of spatial audio and technology for virtual, augmented and mixed reality, with a focus on technical solutions and recommended practices in the field. Registration for this event, sponsored by Facebook Reality Labs and Valve, and hosted by DigiPen Institute of Technology, starts at just $25 for AES members ($150 for non-members) and will be using AltSpaceVR as the platform to share keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and more. The use of AltSpaceVR offers the option of attending in standard 2D mode or as an immersive experience, utilizing AR/VR devices such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, or Windows Mixed Reality. 


“The necessity to take AVAR 2020 fully online is ideally suited to the Conference content,” says Matt Klassen, Chair. “Our attendees can plug in entirely, create an avatar and participate and interact inside a virtual environment. One of the primary advantages of holding the conference in VR is the very compelling nature of the 3D audio for small group conversations – a big step up from flat screen teleconferencing!”


Co-chair and Treasurer Lawrence Schwedler adds, “Not only will AVAR 2020 explore practical and effective production workflow for audio production for immersive experiences, it will itself be such an experience and demonstrate an application of the technology that couldn’t be more timely.”  


The 2020 AES Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality builds upon the AES’s two previous AVAR conferences and will offer a fresh look at audio production for these rapidly growing market segments. This year’s topics will include spatial audio capture, rendering, synthesis over headphones and loudspeakers, binaural applications, Ambisonics, 3D audio mixing and content production, sound design for VR/AR and more, plus a featured Panel Discussion with Emily Ridgway of the Valve audio team on August 18 titled “When Worlds Collide: Audio Development of the Valve Index and Half:Life Alyx.” Additionally, two keynote addresses will take place during the conference: “New Audio Realities at Scale” with Varun Nair of Facebook on August 17 and “Empathetic Technology and Embodied User Experience” with Poppy Crum of Dolby on August 19.


The AES AVAR 2020 Conference is organized by committee members from a variety of disciplines and experiences in the industry, including Matt Klassen, Chair; Lawrence Schwedler, Co-chair, Treasurer; Pablo F. Hoffmann, Papers Chair; Sally Kellaway, Workshops Chair; Greg Dixon, Audio/Visual Coordinator; Randi Ganulin, Graphic Designer/Photographer; Phillip Klassen, Social Media Coordinator; Anna Lantz, Webmaster; and Dustin Williams, Volunteer Coordinator.


For further information, registration links and more, visit aes.org/conferences/2020/avar/ 

Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2020

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Exclusively for Members — AES Virtual Vienna Encore Series Presents Claudia Nader Jaime

Exclusively for Members — AES Virtual Vienna Encore Series Presents Claudia Nader Jaime


AES members will have the exclusive opportunity to join Claudia Nader Jaime on Wednesday, July 22 for a live, Encore online Q&A to cover topics from the popular AES Virtual Vienna Convention session, “Binaural Sound in ASMR-inducing Media and Wellbeing”. Beginning Friday, July 19, video playback of the session will be available to members for on-demand streaming through the AES Member Portal. The presentation will be livestreamed at 11AM EDT on July 22 with the live Q&A immediately following. The Zoom link to the live Encore replay and Q&A will be available on the AES Member Portal on Wednesday, the 22nd.

“An experience known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is attributed to a series of physiological and psychological responses to sensorial stimuli such as whispering, tapping, and scratching,” begins Nader Jaime, a PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of York, in the presentation’s abstract. “This term has gained popularity through social media platforms, where content producers share videos that include these types of sound triggers. Scientists have started exploring potential causes and benefits of this experience in people’s wellbeing, because users report finding ASMR-inducing media helpful to cope with stress and decrease mild mental disorders including anxiety, depression and insomnia. It has been observed that ASMRtists, as these media producers are commonly referred to, frequently use binaural microphones in their content production. However, there is scarce evidence that suggests that the use of binaural sound might be related to potentially stronger ASMR experiences, thus more health benefits. This tutorial presents an analysis of common triggers and diverse sound formats found in ASMR-inducing videos, as well as links to wellbeing indicators through user experience.”

The Encore series of members-only events brings noted presenters of popular, enlightening and even historic AES events together with AES members for online dialog. On August 24, the next in the series will feature one of AES’s most consistently lauded convention contributors, Alex Case. An AES Past President, author and educator, Case’s presentation “The Lead Vocal – Record and Mix Strategies” is a “structured discussion of the key elements of art, craft, and technology that will empower you to develop your own creative strategies for recording and mixing the lead vocal.” Session playback will begin at 8PM EDT with the live Q&A following at 9PM.

Posted: Monday, July 13, 2020

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AES Show Fall 2020 Registration Opens, Virtual Stage Set for Audio Engineering Month in October

Registration is now open for the AES Show Fall 2020 Professional Audio Convention at AESShow.com

Registration is now open for the AES Show Fall 2020 Professional Audio Convention at AESShow.com

— Early Bird registration options and pricing are now available online for the 149th International AES Convention, featuring an expanded timeline and event offerings for maximum opportunities to Listen, Learn, and Connect —


The Audio Engineering Society has declared October “Audio Engineering Month” as it expands its traditional Fall Convention Technical Program and exhibition Showcase into the virtual realm, offering ultimate accessibility to the global audio engineering community. Consisting of four weeks packed with audio presentations and activities - from Tuesday, October 6 to Friday, October 30 – the AES Show Fall 2020 Professional Audio Convention offers full Technical Program access featuring live and on-demand content, student and career activities, engagement with peers and audio luminaries, the audio hardware and software product showcase and special events throughout the month. Early Bird rates are just $99 for AES Members and $224 for non-members – the latter including one year of AES membership. Registration is open now at AESShow.com.


“Expanding the Convention offerings across a full month answers one of the biggest questions raised by Convention attendees in the past when faced with hundreds of compelling sessions packed into just four days: ‘How do I choose?’,” says AES Show Fall 2020 co-chair Jonathan Wyner. “Applying lessons learned from AES’s first online Convention experience with the highly successful AES Virtual Vienna, we are extending the timeline to provide our ‘attendees’ the opportunity to dive deeper into the program and explore new topics. Plus, we have some exciting and innovative new programming. A virtual event allows us to take attendees places they have never been. It also means that you will be able to see and hear presenters up close and personal as never before. All attendees will have the best seat in the house!”


“With all the online content, the Convention can now be experienced by anyone in the world that has an internet connection,” adds Convention co-chair Valerie Tyler. “Combined with lowered registration fees, and without the necessity of travel costs and logistics, the 2020 AES Show will be the most accessible ever.” 


The third Convention co-chair, Paul “Willie Green” Womack, takes that point further: “It’s our goal, and my personal passion, to encourage diversity in our attendees. New voices and topics during the last several AES Conventions have broadened our attendee base. Now, we’re taking the Convention directly to everyone everywhere. That can only build on our progress – there’s infinite room under the umbrella.”


The first two weeks of Audio Engineering Month will feature interviews, webinars on timely topics and an online AoIP Summit. Week three will be Student Week along with the exhibition Showcase. Week Four will bring the balance of the traditional AES Convention Tech Program – Workshops, Papers, Engineering Briefs, Keynotes and other Special Events. Several new features of this year’s AES Convention have been designed and reworked for maximum impact for our virtual multimedia presentation formats, combining live and on-demand sessions and real-time Q&A sessions with presenters. New to the Audio Engineering Month lineup is the AES Show ProductLaunch where attendees can see the latest gear from leading companies through video-based product launches and live engagement with product specialists and company personnel. Taking advantage of the virtual platform, the AES Show TechTours will feature “The Seven Wonders of the Audio World” – a series of in-depth tours of legendary studios across the globe, beginning in the first week of Audio Engineering Month.


Student & Career offerings have been expanded into the AES Show Student Week – which will feature seven days of activities including Workshops, Recording Critique Sessions, Recording and Design Competitions, a Career & Education Fair, Mentoring Sessions and more. AES Student Member Early Bird Registration is just $49 for full access to the entire four-day convention.


Learn more and take advantage of Early Bird Registration options at AESShow.com.


More Information

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"Successful Smart Speakers and Voice-Enabled Products" Free AES / APEI Webinar July 9

"Successful Smart Speakers and Voice-Enabled Products" Free AES / APEI Webinar July 9

"Successful Smart Speakers and Voice-Enabled Products" Free AES / APEI Webinar July 9

— The Audio Engineering Society’s first Audio Product Education Institute event will address real-world experiences in Voice Integrated Product Development with the theme “Successful Smart Speakers and Voice-Enabled Products” —


"Today, some of the most sophisticated voice processing is already in our pockets. Smartphone production numbers are hard to beat in the consumer electronics industry,” says Mike Klasco, CEO, Menlo Scientific, and committee member of the Audio Product Education Institute (APEI), a new Audio Engineering Society initiative. “This fiercely competitive market is driving continuous product design improvements, but many companies are also repeating many painful mistakes and are forced to re-learn audio fundamentals long recognized by the audio industry. I’m faced with highly instructive examples of that in my consultancy business,” continues Klasco. In the APEI’s free introductory webinar, the first in its Interactive Voice Con event series and conceived to share real-world experiences in voice integrated product development, Klasco and fellow industry veteran and APEI founding member Paul Beckmann, CTO, DSP Concepts, will share challenges they have faced in developing sophisticated interactive smart speaker products.


Themed “Successful Smart Speakers and Voice-Enabled Products,” the Interactive Voice Con webinar will be held July 9, 4:00PM – 6:00PM Eastern Daylight Time. Topics addressed will cover disciplines in voice-integrated products, from acoustics to microphones, electronics, DSP and output transducers. Free registration for the event is now open at https://tinyurl.com/AES-APEI.


“As voice interfaces expand to new product categories and the smart home,” adds Klasco, “there's a lot to be considered in the audio chain. In my presentation I’ll be addressing some examples of companies that supply key components for successful voice products, illustrated with some examples of vendors that might not be in everyone's radar.” 


Beckmann will be presenting on the theory and practice of building voice-enabled products. “I’ll describe system architecture, design recommendations, expected performance,” he says, “how to select a processor, and pitfalls to avoid in development and production. Attendees will be equipped to add voice to a wide variety of products including smart speakers, appliances, soundbars, TVs, and set-top boxes."


The AES’s newly formed APEI initiative is focused on promoting methodologies, practices and technologies involved in developing and bringing audio products to market. The Interactive Voice Con event is the first in APEI’s roadmap that will address six foundational “pillars” – Voice Integrated Product Development, Supply Chain and Sourcing, Modeling and Measurement, Product Management, The Legal World, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


“Even a brand-new initiative like APEI has to change when the world changes. Our original vision of putting on three-day intense training sessions containing labs and lectures as well as sponsors exhibit events has been postponed because of COVID-19. We are planning online webinars and online classes for each of our six pillars,” explains Scott Leslie, Chair of APEI, founder and chair of the AES Conventions’ Product Development Track since 2016, and Chief Architect at PD Squared, a product development consulting organization. The AES APEI webinar series will directly appeal to all professionals involved in audio product development, as well as all those integral in product lead, design, production, and supply chain processes. 


To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/AES-APEI.

Learn more about the AES APEI here: audioproducteducationinstitute.org/


Interactive Voice Con Free Webinar

When: July 9, 4:00PM — 6:00PM Eastern Daylight Time

Format: Online streaming from Santa Clara, CA. 

Two 45-minute sessions, plus Q&A after each session.

Registration: Visit https://tinyurl.com/AES-APEI


APEI Presenters:

Paul Beckmann, CTO, DSP Concepts, Santa Clara, California

Link to Bio: https://dspconcepts.com/about/leadership-team


Mike Klasco, APEI Sourcing and Supply Chain Pillar Director and CEO of Menlo Scientific, Richmond, California

Link to Bio: https://www.menloscientific.com/team 

More Information

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Free for Members: AES Audio Education Virtual Mini Conference

Free for Members: AES Audio Education Virtual Mini Conference


While the AES Education Conference originally scheduled for 2020 has now moved to 2021, a free, members-only AES Audio Education Virtual Mini Conference will take place on what would have been the opening day of the full Conference, July 23, 2020, from 11am to 2:30pm EDT. The online program will explore the pedagogy and delivery of audio and music technology training through a fast-paced series of 10- to 30-minute presentations, culminating in the keynote address Preparing students for lifelong success in the audio industry by AES President and New York University Professor Dr. Agnieszka Roginska.

Registration for the event is limited to 300 participants and filling fast. You must be an AES member in good standing to register, though non-members may pay the membership fee during registration at http://www.aes.org/events/conferences/2020/virtual-education/ and receive all the benefits of membership for the full year as well as admission to the Conference. Members needing to pay their 2020 dues to be eligible to register may do so through the member portal at http://secure.aes.org/dues/

AES Audio Education Virtual Mini Conference Scheduled Program:
• Preview of the 2021 AES Conference on Audio Education at Middle Tennessee State University and Belmont University in Nashville. (Bill Crabtree & Michael Fleming, Conference Chairs) (15 minutes)
• Workshop on How to Write and Submit a Peer Reviewed Academic Paper (Brecht De Man, Vice Chair of the AES Education Committee) (10 minutes)
• Presentation of an example accepted paper by Braxton Boren, American University.  Teaching Acoustics to Audio Student: A Middle Path. (15 minutes)
• Presentation of an example paper by Daniel Fox, Tufts University. Achieving Educational and Program Outcomes through Instrument & Equipment Maintenance. (15 minutes)
• Presentation of an exciting learning activity for audio students at any level: Professor Alex Case’s Chamber Reverb Challenge (20 minutes)
• AES Educational Activities in Latin America with Cesar Lamschtein, AES Vice President for Latin America (20 minutes)
• Professor Allan Tucker reveals The MusicAlebrije™ Collaborative Education Model at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico.(12 minutes)
• Co-Curricular Resources for teaching Acoustic Science
, Dr. Magdalena Piotrowska (AES Education Committee, Co-Chair) (15 minutes) • Exploring Immersive and Surround Formats in Audio Education with Professor Scott Metcalfe, Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University)
• An examination of machine learning and new technology with We Are The Robots: Accepting and Embracing Virtual Assistance in Audio Production (Brecht De Man, Vice Chair of the AES Education Committee) (15 minutes)
High School Audio with Professor Gabe Herman (Vice Chair, AES Education Committee) (25 minutes)
• Mike Lawson (Executive Director of Technology Institute for Music Education)  Ti:ME’s 25 years of Integrating Technology into Music Education. (30 minutes)
• Keynote Presentation: Preparing students for lifelong success in the audio industry with Dr. Agnieszka Roginska (AES President, New York University) (30 minutes)

Contact John.Krivit@aes.org for more information

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AES Virtual Vienna Honors Industry Achievements in Online Awards Ceremony

Recipients of the 2020 AES Fellowship Award were announced on June 2, 2020, during the Opening Ceremony of the AES Virtual Vienna Convention. Shown, Clockwise from top left: Filippo Maria Fazi, Heather Lane, Al Schmitt and Ingemar Ohlsson.

Recipients of the 2020 AES Fellowship Award were announced on June 2, 2020, during the Opening Ceremony of the AES Virtual Vienna Convention. Shown, Clockwise from top left: Filippo Maria Fazi, Heather Lane, Al Schmitt and Ingemar Ohlsson.

— 148th Convention Awards Ceremony is online throughout the month of June for anyone with AES Virtual Vienna access —


This year’s AES Spring Convention – AES’s first ever all-online international convention, AES Virtual Vienna – carried on many of the traditions of AES Conventions, including the presentation of AES Awards for distinguished achievement in the field of audio and service to the Society. The awards were presented during the Opening Ceremony by David Scheirman, an AES Past President and current Awards Committee Chair, along with remarks from AES Virtual Vienna Co-chairs Piotr Majdak and Nadja Wallaszkovits and AES President Agnieszka Roginska. The AES Virtual Vienna Opening Ceremony, along with the complete Convention Technical Program, is currently available online at AESEurope.com. You can view the Opening Ceremony here.


The awards presented include the following: 


The Board of Governors Award, given for outstanding contributions to the Audio Engineering Society, has been presented to:


Enda Bates, in recognition of co-chairing the 146th AES Convention in Dublin 


Peter Chapman, in recognition of co-chairing the 2017 International AES Conference on Sound Reinforcement


Ben Kok, in recognition of co-chairing the 146th AES Convention in Dublin


Damian Murphy, in recognition of co-chairing the 2019 AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio


Maryam Safi, in recognition of exceptional leadership of the AES Student Delegate Assembly from 2017-2019


Bob Schulein (posthumously), in recognition of co-chairing the 2018 International AES Conference on Hearing Disorders


The Fellowship Award, given to a member who has rendered conspicuous service, or is recognized to have made a valuable contribution to the advancement in or dissemination of knowledge of audio engineering or in the promotion of its application in practice, has been presented to:


Filippo Maria Fazi, for significant contributions to acoustics and sound field reproduction


Heather Lane, in recognition of over 40 years of service to the AES, including 33 years as Administrator of the British Section


Ingemar Ohlsson, for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the development of the Swedish audio industry


Al Schmitt, in recognition of his extraordinary career of musical creation, influencing generations of recording engineers and making a lasting musical imprint on the world


The complete AES Virtual Vienna Technical Program of presentations, including Workshops, Research Papers, Posters, Engineering Briefs, Technical Tours and more, are available online through June 30 at AESEurope.com, with registration still open for those who wish to experience AES Virtual Vienna on their own schedule through the on-demand archive.


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Exclusively for Members — AES Virtual Vienna Encore Series Launches with Lee and Lund

Exclusively for Members — AES Virtual Vienna Encore Series Launches with Lee and Lund


On Monday, June 22, 2020, AES Members have the exclusive opportunity to join Thomas Lund and Hyunkook Lee for a live, Encore online Q&A to cover topics from “Goodbye Stereo” – the most “favorited” session from the AES Virtual Vienna Convention. AES Virtual Vienna registrants have access to the on-demand archive of the workshop through the Convention website, along with the complete Technical Program content from the Convention, through June 30. All other AES members will be able to access video playback of the “Goodbye Stereo” workshop through the AES Member Portal beginning Friday, June 19.

The Zoom link to the live Encore Q&A with Lund and Lee will be available on the AES Member Portal on Monday the 22nd, with the live Q&A beginning at 12 Noon Eastern Daylight Time that day.

Technology has long been available to record and reproduce music in more perceptually satisfactory ways than stereo,” state Lund (Senior scientist, Genelec OY) and Lee (Associate Professor, University of Huddersfield) in the “Goodbye Stereo” workshop description. “Formats known as 'surround' were a first step, but with 'immersive', excellent music performances can be preserved more sentiently. As ‘stereo’ is fast becoming just a playback option, we will discuss immersive recording techniques, and which mixing principles to put behind us, for instance level panning.” The workshop includes numerous compelling recording examples that aurally reinforce the technical concepts presented.

The “Goodbye Stereo” on-demand playback and live Q&A is the first in the new members-only Encore Series of events where noted presenters of popular, enlightening and even historic AES events will join AES members for online dialog.

The next two Encore Series events will also feature AES Virtual Vienna workshop authors: Alex Case’s “The Lead Vocal – Record and Mix Strategies” and Claudia Nader Jamie’s “Binaural Sound in ASMR-inducing [Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response] Media and Wellbeing”. Dates will be announced soon.

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