AES Historical Comm Agenda, 115th, New York

Notice and Agenda for the
AES Historical Committee Meeting
2003 October 11th at the 115th Convention, New York

The meeting is scheduled to take place at the Javits Center, on Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00, in a Room to be announced later. The meeting will be chaired by Historical Committee Chair Jay McKnight.

Please bring the reports cited below with you -- we don't plan on having these reports to distribute at the meeting. And please read the on-line documents cited below before you come to the meeting. If you need to read the documents at the meeting, there won't be time for much discussion -- we will have two hours to conduct the meeting.

1 Opening Greeting by Chair Jay McKnight

2 Introduction of attendees

3 Amendments to and approval of agenda

4 Previous minutes: Minutes from the AES 114th Convention, Amsterdam, 2003-03-24   were approved by email, as suggested at the Amsterdam meeting, with no comment.

5 Committee Report to the Governors  is now available to view at

6 Ongoing projects

6.1 Report from this convention: David Baker .

6.2 Report from Myles Cochran Davis, on the new project  to create a Directory of Museums etc that contain historic audio equipment or documents.

6.3 Please look at our website . Comments? Questions? Contributions?

6.4 If you would like to do a historical project, please come and tell us about it. See our website for status of projects:

6.5 We (still) need both interviewers and interviewees for the "Oral History Project", especially for those outside of the US. Ideas? Volunteers? Report from Irv Joel. See

7 New business
7.1  Date of next European Convention

7.2 Other new business.

8 Date of next meeting

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