AES Regions

Javeriana University AES Student Section

Contact Information:
Maria Camila Mogollón
Ricardo Escallón, Faculty Advisor
Carrera 7 # 40-62
Bogota, Colombia
Tel.: 571 380 8320
Fax: 571 320 8320

Maria Mogollon
Vice Chair:
Luisa Pinzon
Faculty Advisor:
Ricardo Escallón
Julián Pinzón Eslava

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Meeting Reports

March 26, 2014 - Rango Dinámico — Fase Análoga

March 26, 2014 - Dynamic Range - Analog Phase

March 12, 2014 - Muestra Pública de Trabajos Audiovisuales

March 12, 2014 - Public Display of Audiovisual Projects

March 11, 2014 - La historia de SSL y el contexto análogo en el mundo digital // History of Sound State Logic (SSL) and the analog context in the digital world.

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