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Perceptual Effects of Dynamic Range Compression in Popular Music Recordings - January 2014

Accurate Calculation of Radiation and Diffraction from Loudspeaker Enclosures at Low Frequency - June 2013

New Measurement Techniques for Portable Listening Devices: Technical Report - October 2013
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Kelvin Griffiths (United Kingdom)

MARUI Atsushi (Tokyo, Japan)

Luis Leme Salvatore (Sao Paulo ( alternative: Miami USA ), Brazil)

Michael Karagosian (Greater Los Angeles Area, United States)

Kyle P. Snyder (Athens, OH, United States)

Blair Francey (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Christopher Sutton (London, United Kingdom)

Julius (Sialkot, Pakistan)

Geoff Hill (Leigh on Sea, United Kingdom)

Richard Holbrook (North Hollywood, CA, United States)

Roger Arnold, II (New Haven, CT, United States)

Ferran Girones-Puig (Girona and Barcelona, Spain)

Benjamin Mesiti (Providence, RI, United States)

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