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Your search has found 50 random audio engineers. You may click on each person's name to read their personal profile. Please note that the Audio Engineering Society cannot guarantee any work done by our members. We are simply providing their contact information but you should still check their references and follow common sense guidelines when hiring an outside consultant.

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Hongbo Yao (Arcadia, CA, United States)

Brewster LaMacchia (Andover, MA, United States)

Rene De Lange (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

James M. Kirsch (Salt Lake, UT, United States)

Danilo Comminiello (Rome, Italy)

Kazuya Nagae (Japan)

Florian Camerer (Vienna, Austria)

Silmon Biggs (Los Gatos, CA, United States)

Matthew Girard (Greater Boston, United States)

Suzie Hollander (New York, NY, United States)

Giles T. Davis (Chicagoland, United States)

Mark Bladen -Hovell (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom)

MORFI (Lic. Ezequiel Morfi) (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Robert Stong (Roswell, GA, United States)

Paul Messick (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

Thomas R. Levno (United States)

Angelo Farina (Parma, Italy)

Andrés Millán (Bogotá, Colombia)

Ethan Bush (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

Adaq Khan (United Kingdom)

Lorenzo Ortolani (Milan, Italy)

Sergio Morandi (Italy)

Michael M. Goodwin (San Francisco Bay Area, United States)

Agnieszka Roginska (New York, NY, United States)

Christopher J. Struck (San Francisco, CA, United States)

Ana Jaramillo (Minneapolis, MN, United States)

Jan Abildgaard Pedersen (Holstebro, Denmark)

William Brewster (South Bend, IN, United States)

Rishab Suri (NEW DELHI, India)

Kenneth Platz (Chicago, IL, United States)

Andrew Terry (NOTTINGHAM, United Kingdom)

Daniel C. Laveglia (United States)

Brett Brock (Austin, TX, United States)

Giri Shanker (Singapore, Singapore)

Jonathan Wyner (Cambridge, MA, United States)

Robert Peruzzi (Bethlehem, PA, United States)

Nathan Carter Moore (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Todd Welti (Northridge, CA, United States)

Majid Siadat (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

John Siau (Syracuse, NY, United States)

Harold LaRue (Lawton, OK, United States)

David Marsh (United States)

Kiyoshi Osawa (Mexico, Mexico)

Charlie Pilzer (Takoma Park, MD, United States)

Ingemar Ohlsson (Stockholm, Sweden)

Hans Dekline (Culver City, CA, United States)

Erik Hockman (Manhattan, New York City, NY, United States)

Frans De Wolff (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Leandro E. Rodríguez (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Nuno Fonseca (Leiria, Portugal)

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