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Synthetic Reverberator - January 1960

Sound Board: High-Resolution Audio - October 2015

Synchronized Swept-Sine: Theory, Application, and Implementation - October 2015

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MORFI (Ezequiel Morfi) (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Steve F.B. Smith (New York, NY, United States)

Marc S. Aspesi (New York Metropolitan Area, United States)

Liam Halpin (London, United Kingdom)

Carlos Indio Gauvron (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Giles T. Davis (Chicagoland, United States)

Jesse Klapholz (Philadelphia, PA, United States)

Dieter Leckschat (Duesseldorf, Germany)

Todd Welti (Northridge, CA, United States)

Richard Holbrook (North Hollywood, CA, United States)

Timothy Whittaker (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Ana Jaramillo (Minneapolis, MN, United States)

John P. Fischbach (New Orleans, LA, United States)

Florian Deutsch (Austria)

Aurelio Uncini (Rome - Italy, Italy)

Juan Canizares (Bogota., Colombia)

Tin Jonker (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Howard Schwartz (New York City, NY, United States)

Luis Damian Guell (Fairview, NJ, United States)

Danilo Comminiello (Rome, Italy)

Charlie Pilzer (Takoma Park, MD, United States)

Timothy Kuschel (Canberra, Australia)

Ludovico Ausiello (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

Daniel Russu (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Piotr Kleczkowski (Kraków, Poland)

Sergio Morandi (Italy)

David Immer (New York Metropolitan Area / Gold Coast, United States)

Jurjen van der Velde (Netherlands)

Matthew Melnick (Queens, NY, United States)

John Jaszcz (Nashville, TN, United States)

Doug Amber (Munster, IN, IL, United States)

Ing. Roberto Del Mastro (I-48100 Ravenna, Italy)

Piotr Majdak (Wien, Austria)

Peter Hillen (Palo Alto, CA, CA, United States)

Bernard Barker BSc MIET (Cirencester, United Kingdom)

Asad Lalani (United Arab Emirates)

Tony Penarredonda (Medellin, Colombia, Colombia)

Steven van Raalte (Breda, Netherlands)

David Sturzenbecher (Sioux Falls, SD, United States)

Mark J. Grabowski (Rockville, Montgomery County, MD, United States)

Martha Wegener (Chicago, IL, United States)

Michael Kelly (London, United Kingdom)

William E. Whitlock (Oxnard, CA, United States)

Thiago Fernandes Vieira (Recife, Brazil)

Tom Nelson (Piermont, NY, United States)

Ralph Glasgal (New York City, NJ, United States)

David Cassidy (Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, United States)

Ingo Arthur Freiherr von Ledebur (São Paulo, Brazil)

Ian Terry (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Brian Gilbert (Chattanooga, TN, United States)

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