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Audibility of a CD-Standard A/DA/A Loop Inserted into High-Resolution Audio Playback - September 2007

Reflecting on Reflections - June 2014
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Quiet Thoughts on a Deafening Problem - May 2014
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Michael Zyla (Philadelphia, PA, United States)

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Ingo Arthur Freiherr von Ledebur (São Paulo, Brazil)

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Matthew Melnick (Queens, NY, United States)

Fabio Blasizzo (Trieste, Italy)

Gary H. Hedden (Franklin, TN, United States)

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Barry Hufker (Saint Louis, MO, United States)

Earl Vickers (Santa Clara, CA, CA, United States)

Christian Loerup (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Michael Fleming (Murfreesboro, TN, United States)

Bruno Fazenda (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Simone Corelli (Roma, Italy)

Jay Chul-Jae Yoo (Bundang, Korea (Republic of))

Douglas S. Lacey (Stafford, VA, United States)

Steven Liddle (Sweden)

Mel Lambert (Burbank, CA, United States)

Audun Strype (Norway)

Klaus Hartung (Hopkinton, MA, United States)

Jurgen Frenz (Kuching, Malaysia)

Marshall Buck, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

Michael Radentz (Saint Louis, MO, United States)

Thiago Fernandes Vieira (Recife, Brazil)

Ben Firth (London, United Kingdom)

António Guilherme Campos (Aveiro, Portugal)

Rens Machielse (Hilversum, Netherlands)

Johannes Didden (Hoensbroek, Netherlands)

Garry Margolis (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

Jens-Peter B. Axelsson (Austin, TX, United States)

Michiel van Eeden (s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)

Sigmund Gudvangen (Kongsberg, Norway)

Ana Jaramillo (Medellin, Colombia)

Steve Martz (San Francisco, CA, United States)

Les Marquis (Preston, United Kingdom)

Warner ten Kate (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Robert Zurek (Chicagoland, United States)

David Rountree (Maplewood, NJ, United States)

Antonio Ricossa (Italy)

Paolo Montagnini (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Steven van Raalte (Breda, Netherlands)

Nuno Fonseca (Leiria, Portugal)

Ing. Roberto Del Mastro (I-48100 Ravenna, Italy)

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