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Your search has found 50 random audio engineers. You may click on each person's name to read their personal profile. Please note that the Audio Engineering Society cannot guarantee any work done by our members. We are simply providing their contact information but you should still check their references and follow common sense guidelines when hiring an outside consultant.

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Michelangelo Carrozzo (Bologna, Italy)

Boby Borisov (San Francisco Bay Area, United States)

Ana Jaramillo (Minneapolis, MN, United States)

Agnieszka Roginska (New York, NY, United States)

Hessam Alavi (Southampton, UK, United Kingdom)

Gerald Fabris (West Orange, NJ, United States)

Yoshiki Ohta (Japan)

Jens-Peter B. Axelsson (Key West, FL, United States)

Marco Fringuellino (TORINO - MILANO, Italy)

Seva (East Tennessee (Knoxville and Chattanooga Areas), United States)

Fabio Blasizzo (Trieste, Italy)

Jhander Orihuela (Venezuela)

Dr Rob Toulson (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

James Sam (San Francisco, CA, United States)

Jayant Datta (Syracuse, NY, United States)

Audun Strype (Norway)

Miguel Roma Romero (Alicante, Spain)

Ferran Girones-Puig (Girona and Barcelona, Spain)

John L. Murphy (Knoxville, TN, United States)

Danilo Comminiello (Rome, Italy)

Mark Sandler (London, United Kingdom)

John Taylor (Raleigh, NC, United States)

Bruce C. Olson (Minneapolis-St. Paul, United States)

Siegfried Linkwitz (Corte Madera, CA, United States)

David Scheirman (Northridge, CA, United States)

Roy Gunawan (Indonesia)

John Braddock (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

yun-chih chang (taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China))

Martha Wegener (Chicago, IL, United States)

Jonathan M. Frazer (Memphis, TN, United States)

Anthony Schultz (North Quincy, MA, United States)

Robert Holden (Tacoma, WA, United States)

Kelvin Lin (Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China))

John Krivit (Boston, MA, United States)

Cornelis Van der Gragt (Hilversum, Netherlands)

Martin Theophilus (Austin, Texas, TX, United States)

James M. Kirsch (Salt Lake, UT, United States)

Robert Peruzzi (Bethlehem, PA, United States)

Renato Campajola (Ivrea, Italy)

Henney Oh, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

Franck Beaucoup (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Silmon Biggs (Los Gatos, CA, United States)

Juan Canizares (Bogota., Colombia)

Diemer de Vries (Berkel en Rodenrijs, Netherlands)

James Bazen (Washington, DC, MD, United States)

Francis Rumsey (Oxford, United Kingdom)

Bert Kraaijpoel (Den Haag, Netherlands)

Andrés Núñez Rubiano (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

John Kean (Washington, DC, United States)

Jose Lopez (Valencia, Spain)

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