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Senior Analog Engineer

Posted On: 2016-7-22
Location: Beaverton, OR, USA

Job Summary:

If you have a passion for excellence in analog circuit design and love to ensure your circuit is performing exactly as designed; if you love to challenge the laws of physics to eke out the last bit of performance from your designs; if you enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best, then, we would love to find you a home as a key contributor at the world’s leading high performance audio test and measurement instrumentation company.

Primary responsibilities:

• Play an important role in the development of state-of-the art analog designs
• Verify, test, debug, characterize, and optimize new designs and modify existing designs
• Develop design documentation, testing requirements, and task estimates for solutions
• Interface with product marketing to determine tradeoffs between functionality and performance – propose innovative and creative solutions


• BS with 10 to 15 years work experience
• Ability to analyze multidimensional problems
• Intimate knowledge of simulation tools and modeling
• Understanding of distributed versus lumped parameters and parasitics
• Demonstrated ability to take a project from conception to final delivery
• Excellent troubleshooting skills


• Demonstrated technical abilities in the form of published technical papers / designs
• Experience in high frequency design (analog or digital), converters, and semiconductor device physics
• Audio background and familiarity with audio testing techniques

To apply: please submit your resume to:

Please mention AES00895 when applying for this position.

Applications Engineer

Posted On: 2016-8-24
Location: Beaverton, OR, USA

Job Summary:

Develop PC-based software applications for high performance audio test and measurement instrumentation using C++, C#, and .NET

Primary responsibilities:

• Play a leading role in architecting software measurement platforms
• Implement new measurements (using C++ and C#) by thoroughly understanding the testing requirements of key customers and emerging trends
• Work closely with subject matter experts to develop technical solutions
• Develop design documentation, testing requirements (including unit tests), and project task estimates for new solutions
• Test and debug, ensuring the quality of new solutions being developed
• Lead technical resources and coordinate software development project


• BS in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Audio Engineering
• 2 to 5 years work experience
• Experience with MATLAB and audio DSP techniques
• Proficiency in high level languages including C++ and C#
• Experience developing and debugging using Microsoft Visual Studio
• Demonstrated ability to take a project from conception to final delivery


• MS in Electrical Engineering / Audio Engineering preferred
• Demonstrated ability to lead software development resources
• Project management experience
• Familiarity with audio testing techniques

Please submit your resume to:

Please mention AES00900 when applying for this position.

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Audio Precision is the recognized standard in audio test. Since 1984, AP has offered high-performance audio analyzer instruments and applications to help engineers worldwide design and manufacture consumer, professional and industrial audio products. Audio Precision is located in the high-tech “Silicon Forest” of the greater Portland, OR, area, rated as one of the most desirable places to live and work in the United States. For more information, visit

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