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Complete Journal: Volume 11 Issue 1
A Study of Program-Level Overloading in Phonograph Recording
A Report of FM Stereo at the CCIR Study Group X Conference in Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Program-Level Overloading and Equalization in Phonograph Recording
Meter Ballistics Testing
The Sound System of Sound and Light
1 Kilowatt Transistor Audio Amplifier
Intelligibility Test of Communication Ear Defenders in an Area of Extremely High Intensity Noise
Preliminary Experiments on the Aural Significance of Parts of Tones of Orchestral Instruments and on Choral Tones
The Creation of Melodic Contours from Non-Melodic Raw Material Without Loss of Text or Timbre
Techniques of Program Level Measurement Applicable to FM Stereo
Further Thoughts on Geometric Conditions in the Cutting and Playing of Stereo Discs
Stereo Operational Experience of WQXR-FM New York
Practical Preparation for FM Stereo Multiplexing
Stereophonic FM Distortion Caused by Cross-Talk into the Pilot Carrier
Complete Journal: Volume 11 Issue 2
On Geometric Conditions in the Cutting and Playing of Stereo Discs
The Case Against Low-Frequency Pre-Emphasis in Magnetic Recording
Stylus Mass and Reproduction Distortion
Transient Response and Intermodulation Studies in Phonograph Reproduction
The Voice Interference Analysis Set, an Instrument for Determining the Degradation of Signal Quality of a Voice Communications Channel
The Transmission and Recording of Shaft Position by Means of Audio Tone Bursts
Correlation Studies Relating Magnetic Measurements to Audio Frequency Performance of Magnetic Tape
The Role of Recorded Voice Services in Telephony
Compatibility-A Major Requisite in the Telephone Industry
Man's Need to Communicate-Past, Present and Future
Some Practical Aspects of FM Stereophonic Broadcasting
Planning a New FM Stereo Station
Anomalies of Presently Accepted FM Stereo Measurement Technique
Management FM Stereo Installation Problems
Stereo Experience at WASH-FM
FM Multiple Stereo Installation at WHOO-FM
Design Aspects of Low Distortion Transistor Amplifiers
Complete Journal: Volume 11 Issue 3
On Geometric Conditions in the Cutting and Playing of Stereo Discs
Regarding a -Derived Third Stereo Channel-
Constant Directional Characteristics from a Line Source Array
Loudspeaker Measurements in Live Rooms
On the Damping of Phonograph Arms
Some Aspects of Stereophony Applicable to Conference Use
An Automatic Overplay System for Magnetic Tape and Record-A Step Towards Automation in Studio Operation
Erasure of Magnetic Tape
A Simplified Frequency Shifter for Improving Acoustic Feedback Stability
Sound Reinforcement in Television Broadcasting
Short-Haul 4-Wire Communications
High-Frequency Stylus-Groove Relationships in Phonograph Cartridge Transducers
A Simple Quality Rating System for Loudspeakers and Audio Systems
Intermodulation Distortion in Tape Recording
Further Comments on Geometric Conditions in the Cutting of Stereo Records
Complete Journal: Volume 11 Issue 4
Corrections on Stylus Groove Relationships in Phonograph Cartridge Transducers
Comments on Stereophony
Tracing Distortion--Its Causes and Correction in Stereodisk Recording Systems
A Resume of Current Activities of CCIR Study Group X of Particular Interest to Audio Engineers
Problems in the Measurement of Reverberation Time
Compensation for Tracing and Tracking Error
Mechanical Impedance Measurements at the Stylus of Stereo Phonograph Cartridge Transducers
A Reflex Wien-Bridge Oscillator, with Analysis
A Two-Gram Phonograph Pickup System for Home Record Changers
A Personal Voice Amplifier
Speech Digitizing Techniques
An Electron Cloud Head for Reproduction of Tape Recordings
A Multi-Purpose Studio Recording System
Vibrato, Tremolo and Beats
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