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Thiele-Small Nuts and Bolts with Painless Math
The Status of Current Standards in Audio and Acoustics
A High-Efficiency Audio Power Amplifier
A Decoded Digital-to-Analogue Converter for Audio
Flat Frequency Response Speaker System Using Flush-Filled Flat Diaphragm
Hybrid RIAA Equalisation Circuit
Anomalies in the Frequency-Length Functions in Violin Strings
Digital Equalization and Mixing Circuit Design
A Digital Audio Reverberator
A Proposal of Normalization for Binaural Recording
A Calculator Program for Predicting Sound System Performance
Performance Characterization of Audio Reproducers Using a Spectrum Analyzer and a Small Computer
Development of a Single Chip IC for Dolby B-C-Type Noise Reduction Systems
Assembling Audio: Design Considerations for Automatic PWB Assembly
A Method for Level Variance Analysis of Magnetic Tapes
Acoustic Scaling in the Design of Sound Control Rooms
Acoustical and Electrical Interaction in Multi-Driver Arrays
Electronic Equalization of Closed Box Loudspeakers
A Programmable Signal Processing System
Synchro-Sonic Recording Techniques
Using Musical Notes for Parameter Changes in Electronic Music
A Measurement Method of Hum Modulation Caused by a Loudspeaker's Electromotive Force
The Design of Distributed Sound Systems from Uniformity of Coverage and Other Sound Field Considerations
Off-Axis Performance of Multiple Loudspeakers
An Introduction to Helium Reflex Loudspeakers
New Modulation Technique for High Density Recording on Digital Audio Discs
The Fiber Optic Guitar
Designing Low-Noise, High-Linearity and High-Speed Preamplifiers for Magnetic Transducers
An Analysis of the Ghent Microphone System
Transformations of the Energy Sphere
A Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder for Consumer Applications
A New Technique for Minimizing Distortion
A New Tape Transport System with Digital Control
Glass Fiber and Graphite Flake Reinforced Polyimide Composite Diaphragm for Loudspeakers
Direct AM Stereo Detection by a PLL Synthesized Synchronous Carrier Generator
A New Method of Reducing Direct-Drive Motor Vibration in Turntables
Design of Entertainment Equipment for Passenger Aircraft
A New Run Length Limited Code
A Hi-Fi Moving Magnet Cartridge Using Recent Technology
A New Approach to High Speed Digital Signal Processing Based on Microprogramming
Phase Intermodulation Distortion: Instrumentation and Measurement Results
A Woofer Using an Air Coupled Diaphragm
The Audibility of Doppler Distortion in Loudspeakers
The 'USI', or Universal Synthesizer Interface
Applications of Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers
Total Harmonic Distortion Measurements in Magnetic Tape Equipment
A High-Efficiency, One-Decade Midrange Loudspeaker
Phase Distortion and Phase Equalization in Audio Signal Processing: A Tutorial Review
A 20 dB Audio Noise Reduction System for Consumer Applications
A Personal Calculator Program for Frequency-Domain Analysis of the Discrete Hilbert Transform
Recording with Feedback Controlled Effective Bias
A Compact, High Performance Cinema Loudspeaker for Dialogue, Music and Effects
Electrical Reproduction of Acoustically Recorded Cylinders and Disks
Satellite Broadcasting System for Digital Audio
Channel Codings for Digital Audio Recordings
Is Phase Linearization of Loudspeaker Crossover Networks Possible by Time Offset and Equalization?
The Loudspeaker and Control Room as a Wholly Integrated System
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