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Some Considerations in the Design of Wide-Dynamic-Range Audio Digitizing Systems
A Stereo PCM Tape Deck Employing Stationary Head
Predictive Coding for Greater Accuracy in Successive Approximation A/D Converters
A Microprocessor Based Sequencer for Voltage Controlled Electronic Music Synthesizers
Problems of Designing a Composer's Language for Digital Synthesis
A Microprocessor Based Polyphonic Keyboard for Modular Electronic Music Systems
Have Your Cake & Eat It Too or Reverberance for Organ & Clarity for Speech
Discotheque Sound Systems: Design and Development
Innovation in a Stadium Sound System Design
Electronic Detection of Acoustic Feedback and Automatic Sound System Gain Control
Envelope Method of Equalization: Considerations Regarding Level Variations as a Function of Frequency and Location
Time Delay Spectrometry Investigation of Regenerative Sound Systems
Use of a Continuously Variable Logarithmic Sweep Function Generator in the Regenerative Response Equalization of Sound Systems
A Simplified Equalization Analyzer
A Low-Cost Third-Octave Real-Time Analyzer
The Design and Application of the Necam Computer Aided Mixdown System
Magnetic Recording in 1977-Hardware Versus Software
Design of a High Speed Tape Duplicating System
A Simple But Effective Noise Reduction System
How to Construct Your Own Studio (In One, Easy Lesson)
The Use of Magnetic Fluids in Loudspeaker Design
Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Moving-Coil Loudspeakers
An Effective Mechano-Pneumatic Shock Mount for a Dynamic Microphone
Comparative Measurements of Professional Loudspeaker Components, Part II
Low-Frequency Horn Design Using Thiele/Small Driver Parameters
Suitability of Low-Frequency Drivers for Horn-Loaded Loudspeaker Systems
Slewing Induced Distortion and Its Effect On Audio Amplifier Performance--With Correlated Measurement/Listening Results
Acoustical Impulse Response of Interior Spaces
Utilization of a New Time Gated Spectrum Analyzer to Measure Sound System Effectiveness
The Karlson-Hypex Bass Enclosure
A Phase Tracking Loop (PTL) Detector for FM Signals and Its Application to CD-4 System
A Laser Scanning Phonograph Record Player
A Multi Source Digital Delayed Sound Reinforcement System for a Large Gothic Cathedral
Grounding and Shielding Techniques for Portable Concept Reinforcement Systems
New Instruments for Frequency Response Analysis and Correction
On the Acoustics of Control Rooms
Magnetic Recording and the 20th Century Musician: The Inlaws and the Outlaws
Reduction of Impulse Noise in Audio Signals
A Review of Early Developments in Electroacoustics in the U.S.A.
The Permeability of Liminations for Magnetic Recording and Reproducing Heads
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