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The Efficiency of Loudspeaker
On the Audibility of Non-Minimum Phase Distortion in Audio Systems
On the Performance Criteria for Loudspeakers in Rooms
Linear and Non-Linear Time Delay Distortion in Loudspeakers
Hi-Fi Tests-with 1/3 Octave Pink Weighted Random Noise
Correlation Between Subjective and Objective Data for Quality Loudspeakers
The Application of the Holography in Analysis of Vibrations of Loudspeaker Diaphragms
Optimum Acoustic Performance Using Integral Amplifier-Loudspeaker Systems
Additional Sound Channels and Stereophonic Transmission in Television
Audio Switching Center for Professional Applications
Preparing for a Career in the Recording Studio
A Comprehensive Musical Criterion: The Inversion Index
Sound Systems in Multipurpose Halls
The Development of a High Quality Turntable
Reibrad, Riemen, Zentralmotor: Eine von Plattenspielerantriebskonzepten
Lecture on Construction of Record Players
Long-Term Durability of Pick-Up Diamonds
The Choice of a Matrix for Quadraphonic Reproduction from Disk Records
A New Approach to Magnetic Tape Recording
Automatic Cartridge Archives with Direct Access
Transient Intermodulation Distortion in Commercial Audio Amplifiers
Reduction of Noise Level of Super 8 Optical Sound Tracks Employing the Dolby System
A Monolithic -Dolby B- Processor
A New Way of Building Communications Systems for Command Use
Kunstkopf-Stereophonie-Eine Alternative Zur Quadrophonie?
Logatom Intelligibility and Vowel Identification of Bandlimited Transmission Systems
Psychoacoustics of Sound Localization-A New Approach
Correlation and Virtual Sound Sources
A New Approach to Automatic Distortion Sweep Measurements
Zur Erfassung von Schallereignissen im Zeitbereich mit Hilfe von Analog-Digital-Umsetzern und Datenverarbeitungsanlagen
Tischrechner zur Steuerung von Produktionsprozessen in Bild- und Ton-studios
The Automated Mixer
Total Motion Picture Theater Automation Utilizing Digital Control Techniques and a Mini-Computer
Walsh Functions in Waveform Synthesizers
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