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The ARP Synthesizer-A New Instrument for Musical Composition and Performance
Simplified Educational Music Synthesizer Concept
Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output by Echocardiography
Experiments in Four Channel Recording Techniques
New Criteria for Stereo Disc Tracking
Clear Sound Records Using the Pinchless Tracing Simulator (PTS) System
A Dropout Detector for Testing Multi-Channel Tape for Re-Use
Innovations in Studio Design and Recording in the Victor Record Studios
The Putney: A New Generation of Synthesizers
Two Portable Reproducing Consoles for Sound Effects Operations
Inspection and Evaluation of Audio Recording Tape
Sound System Design for St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco
An Automatic Highway Noise Monitor
A Three-Way Columnar Loudspeaker for Reinforcement of the Performing Arts
A Sound System for Amphibious Assault Training
A Wide Dynamic Range Limiter and Program Conditioner
Miniature Headband Mounted Dynamic Microphone for Professional Applications
Four Channels and Compatibility
Computerized Re-Mastering in the Manufacture of Slow Speed Tape Records
Auditorium Acoustics Simulator: Form and Uses
The Colinear Array-A Two-Way Loudspeaker System for Sound Reinforcement
The Effect of Microphone and Loudspeaker Directional Characteristics Upon Recreating Acoustic Fields
Masking Noise Systems in Open and Closed Spaces
Compositional Considerations in Electronic Music
Investigations of Various Forms of Distortion Inherent in Transistor Amplifiers
British Contributions to Audio During the Past Fifty Years
Analysis of Crosstalk on Stereo Test Records
A Discrete Four-Channel Disc and Its Reproducing System (CD-4 System)
A New Modular Console Building Block Concept Using Integrated Circuits
Active and Passive Filters as Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
On the Processing of Two and Three-Channel Program Material for Four Channel Playback
A Dynamic Noise Filter
Functional Protection of High-Power Amplifiers
A New Profile for LP Records
A Plastic Pressure Roller for Stereo-8 Cartridges
Dolbyized Duplicating: Its Effects on the Pre-Recorded Cassette
The Sound Field in Home Listening Rooms
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