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FET Temperature Characteristics
Frequency Controlled AGC in Small Signal Audio Amplifiers
A New Solid State Amplifier for the Audio Industry
Operational Amplifier Applications for Audio Systems
Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers
An Improved, Low Crosstalk Recording Head Designed for Sync Playback
Trends in Sound Reproduction Research
Some Effects of Interference on Speech Intelligibility
An Integral Active Isolation -Transformer-/Audio Amplifier
A Functional Audio Control System That Meets the Professional Audio Engineer's Responsibility to the Industry
Sound Production in the Wind Instruments
The Scanning Electron Microscope-A New Tool in Disc-Recording Research
Professional Quality Sound Systems for School Auditoriums
The Statistics of Delayed Reflections
High Speed Automated Test Set
A High Performance Control Console with Flexibility
A Random Access Audio Retrieval System
Preprocessing of Speech for Added Intelligibility in High Ambient Noise
Modular, Transistorized Volume Limiting Amplifier
Speaker System Design Using a Reverberation Chamber
A New Approach to Graphic Frequency Response Shaping
An Algorithm for Segmentation of Connected Speech
Solid State Condenser Measuring Microphone Assembly
Master Recording on Two Inch Wide Tape
Design Considerations and Objectives in the Design and Development of an Automatic Stereo Cassette Changer and a Compact Stereo Cassette Playback Unit
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