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The Impact of Digital Audio
Perceived Quality of Digital Audio Recordings
Report on Production of Big News Show Program
Stereo Drama with Digital Equipment
The Signal Processing of a Professional Use Digital Audio Recorder
R-Dat and Professional Audio
A PCM Audio Editing Device with Picture Display
Technical Information Handling System for Digital Audio Mastering
General Sound Signal Processor Employing DSP
A Digital Mixing Processor
Improvement of Phase Response of a Loudspeaker System Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques
Noise-Dependent Sound Reproduction in a Car: Application of a Digital Audio Signal Processor
Improvements in FMX Technology
Computer Synthesis and Evaluation of Noise Signal for Acoustic Measurements
A Two-Way Wide Band Capacitor Microphone
Vertical Phased Array Speaker Systems for AV and PA Applications
A Loudspeaker System with Large Area Diaphragm and Ultra Thin Enclosure (Audio Flat Panel)
Horn Speaker Having Continuously Changing Cross Section
Loudspeaker System Design Method for Large Rooms
Monitor Speaker Mounting Method
Experiment on S-DAT with Headphone Stereo Size Mechanism
On a Tape Transport Mechanism for S-DAT
The Reliability of R-DAT Cassette Tape
Magnetic Recording Characteristics of R-DAT and ICS
Search Method of R-DAT for LSI
LSI IC System for DAT (Digital Audio Tape Recorder)
Measurement of R-DAT Play Back Signal
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