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Standards-Stepchild in the Laboratory
A New Device for the Reduction of Print-Through
Several Problems for the Reduction of Print-Through
High Fidelity Packaged Music at Lower Cost
A Single Element Stereophonic Cartridge
An Audio Console Designed for the Future
The Designing of a Stereo Pre-Amplifier
Evolution of a Successful Spring Driven Broadcast-Quality Tape Recorder
Automatic Plotting of Cartridge Response
Determination of the Recording Performance of a Tape from Its Magnetic Properties
Analysis of a Low-Frequency Loudspeaker System
Design of a Stereo Control Center
Electromagnetic Efficiency of Heads
A Constant Displacement Stereophonic Cartridge
Psychological Factors Governing the Binaural Effect
Stereo as an Integral System
A Twenty-Five Watt High Quality Transistorized Audio Frequency Power Amplifier
Applying the Transistor in a Stereophonic Tape System
The Teldec Miniature Stereo Cutterhead System
A New Master Disk Recording Lathe for Stereo Disk Use
Direct-Coupled Transistor-Tube Audio Amplifier for Radio and TV
Specialized Equipment Used at the Columbia University Studio for the Production of Tape Music
Signal-to-Noise Problems and a New Equalization for Magnetic Recording of Music
Checking the Axes of Operation of Stereo Cutter Channels
Endless Loop Magnetic Tape Tree
Sound Synthesis by the Use of Magnetized Arrays
Breaking the Industrial Sound Barrier
Three New High Efficiency Speakers for PA Use
Two New Horns and Drivers Covering High Frequencies
Musical Timbre Mutation by Means of the -Klangumwandler," a Frequency Transposition Device
A Variable Reluctance Stereophonic Pick-Up Cartridge
Stability Considerations in the Design of High-Fidelity Amplifiers
A New Wide Angle Direct Radiator Tweeter
Development of a Full-Range Transducer Assembly for the Generation of High Intensity Sound
Properties and Performance of Magnetic Rubber Recording Belts
A New Stereo Feedback Cutterhead System
The Development of a Double Rotating Coil Pickup
Magnetic Recording of Audio Frequencies
A Novel, Compact, and Flexible Stereo Speaker System
The ARP-2: A New Instrument for Sound Measurement
Pocket Pagers-A New Method of Paging
The Development of a High Quality Stereophonic Pickup Cartridge
A Three Channel Stereophonic Sound Reinforcement Mixing Console
A Compact, Single-Cabinet, Stereophonic Speaker System
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