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Remixing a Historic Film in Higher Order Ambisonics 3-D Audio—Workflow and Technical Solutions
Moving the Room... Acoustics, Around the Beamformer Beam
Spatial Sound for Mobile Navigation Systems
Two Dimensional Gestural Control of Audio Processing
Influence of Directional Differences of First Reflections in Small Spaces on Perceived Clarity
Multidimensional Ability Evaluation of Participants of Listening Tests
Auto Adaptation of the Mobile Device Characteristics for Various Acoustic Conditions
The Sonic Characteristics of the Jazz Style Electric Bass Guitar
New Studio Strategies in Music Production—The Disappearing Gap between Engineer and Producer
Compensation of Crossover Region Overshoot in Multiband Compression
Multiphysical Simulation Methods for Loudspeakers—A (Never-)Ending Story?
A Method for Comparison of Nonlinearities of Consumer Earphones Using Equalized Stimuli
Design and Development of Auralization Room at Edinburgh Napier University
Comparative Results between Loudspeaker Measurements Using a Tetrahedral Enclosure and Other Methods
An Approach to Bass Enhancement in Portable Computers Employing Smart Virtual Bass Synthesis Algorithms
Energy Based Traffic Density Estimation Using Embedded Audio Processing Unit
Objective Evaluation Method for the Perceived Quality of Car Horns
Fitting the Mobile Device Characteristics to the User's Hearing Preferences
Recreating Robb: The Sound of the World’s First Electronic Organ
Reproduction of the Radiation Pattern from a Practical Source by an Acoustic Array and the Equivalent Source Method
Creating Dynamic Psychoacoustic Maps of Hearing Threats for Outdoor Concerts Employing Supercomputing Grid
APE: Audio Perceptual Evaluation Toolbox for MATLAB
Principles of a Tunable Diaphragmatic Bass Absorber
A Motorized Telescope Mount as A Computer-Controlled Rotational Platform for Dummy Head Measurements
Measurements and Visualization of Sound Intensity around the Human Head Using Acoustic Vector Sensor
Spatial Audio Objects Recording Using Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
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