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Modeling the Korg35 Lowpass and Highpass Filters
Modeling the Harmonic Exciter
Fourier Transforms, Audio Engineering, and the Quantum Nature of Reality
Experiments with Dither in Level-Calibrated Floating Point Audio Processing
Virtual Development of Audio Systems—Application of CAE Methods
A New DSP Tool for Drum Leakage Suppression
Controlling Drum Bleed with Laser Vibrometry
The Urban Mix Engineer
Subjective Comparison of Surround Microphone Recording Techniques Presented With and Without Video
A Special Room for 3D Audio and Ultra High Definition Video for Quality Assessment of Future TV
Real-Time Head-Related Impulse Response Filtering with Distance Control
Results on Automated Tuning of a Voice Quality Enhancement System Using Objective Quality Measures
Influence of Loudspeaker Systems on Acquisition of Head-Related Transfer Functions
Application of Audio Engineering and Psychoacoustic Principles to Audible Medical Alarms
Revisiting the Space—Applying 5.1 Surround Sound
SyncAV—Workflow Tool for File-Based Video Shootings
Inconsistencies in the Practical Design and Measurement of Sound Systems in Reverberant Spaces Requiring a Minimum STI Standard
Low Latency Replacement of ISDN and 4-Wire for Remote Broadcasts
Design and Construction of the Stringer: A Polyphonic Signal Switcher for 13-pin DIN M
Design of a Sound Reinforcement System for Koerner Hall
Consistently Stable Loudspeaker Measurements Using a Tetrahedral Enclosure
Digital Model of the Passive James/Baxandall Tonestack
Automatic Analog Preamp Gain Control Using Digital Command
Testing Watermark Robustness against Application of Audio Restoration Algorithms
PsychoMasker: An iOS Application for the Visualization of PsychoAcoustic Principles
Using MIDI Control Surfaces with MATLAB Programs and Simulink
MIDI to CV Conversion Using a Livid BrainV2 and I2C Protocol
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