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Creating Research Corpora for the Computational Study of Music: the case of the CompMusic Project
Bridging the Audio-Symbolic Gap: The Discovery of Repeated Note Content Directly from Polyphonic Music Audio
Practical Implications of Dynamic Markings in the Score: Is Piano Always Piano?
Research Objects for Audio Processing: Capturing Semantics for Reproducibility
Audio Clip Classification Using Social Tags and the Effect of Tag Expansion
Instrument-Centered Music Transcription of Bass Guitar Tracks
Improving Automatic Music Transcription Through Key Detection
Unsupervised Learning of the Downbeat in Drum Patterns
On the Influence of Alcohol Intoxication on Speaker Recognition
On-Line NMF-Based Stereo Up-Mixing of Speech Improves Perceived Reduction of Non-Stationary Noise
Informed Audio Source Separation
Semiotic Description of Music Structure: An Introduction to the Quaero/Metiss Structural Annotations
Evaluation and Improvement of the Mood Conductor Interactive System
Interactive Music Applications by MPEG-A Support in Sonic Visualizer
Harmonic Cues for Number of Simultaneous Speakers Estimation
A GMM Approach to Singing Language Identification
A Mid-Level Approach to Local Tonality Analysis: Extracting Key Signatures from Audio
Selection of Audio Features for Music Emotion Recognition Using Production Music
Feature Preprocessing with Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Music Similarity Learning
Rhythmic Classification of Electronic Dance Music
An Open Dataset for Research on Audio Field Recording Archives: freefield1010
A Framework for Automatic Ontology Generation Based on Semantic Audio Analysis
A Semantic Web Approach to Pattern Discovery in Data and Music
Using Computer Accompaniment to Assist Networked Music Performance
Towards a Drum Transcription System Aware of Bar Position
Metadata Features that Affect Artificial Reverberator Intensity
Tonic-Independent Stroke Transcription of the Mridangam
CMMSD: A Data Set for Note-Level Segmentation of Monophonic Music
SM Toolbox: MATLAB Implementations for Computing and Enhancing Similarity Matrices
A Matlab Toolbox for Efficient Perfect Reconstruction Time-Frequency Transforms with Log-Frequency Resolution
TarsosDSP, a Real-Time Audio Processing Framework in Java
Subband Center Signal Scaling Using Power Ratios
Sound Retrieval From Voice Imitation Queries In Collaborative Databases
Adaptive Control of Amplitude Distortion Effects
Modeling Emotions in Music: Advances in Conceptual, Contextual and Validity Issues
Creating Audio Based Experiments as Social Web Games with the CASimIR Framework
Intelligent Audio Production Strategies Informed by Best Practices
Partial Loudness in Multitrack Mixing
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