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Embedding of Employer and Practitioner Input Into Student Portfolios—Results of Project Commissioned by the UK Higher Education Academy
A Review of the Status of Audio Engineering Education in Sydney, Australia
Why Didn't You Learn This at Recording School? Critical Comments by Employers
Are Audio Education Programs Keeping Pace with New Developments in Industry?
Ear Training for Non-Technical Students Using a Web-Based Training System
Critical Listening and Acoustics as an Essential Part of the Audio Production and Sound Technology Curriculum
Encouraging Students Towards Meaningful Subjective Comparisons
Experimental Comparison of Two Versions of a Technical Ear Training Program: Transfer of Training on Tone Color Identification to a Dissimilarity-Rating Task
Utilizing Effective Media, Demonstrations, and Exercises on the Perception of Sound
Professional Certifications Place in Higher Education
A Collegiate Audio Internship Program: A Comprehensive Model
The Case of the Unsuccessful Student: Exploring an Assessment Model Used at a Canadian For-Profit Post-Secondary Institution
Teaching Audio Signal Processing Theory Without Calculus or Complaints
Learn About Harmonics by Means of the Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier
Feedback Frequency Identification and Reduction Primer (FFIRP): Development of a Training and Application E-Book
A Simple Microphone Preamplifier Design to Support the Teaching of Introductory Electronics to Students of Audio
Atlantic Crossing: 20 Years of Music Production and Recording Studies at the University of Stavanger, Norway
Sea and Sound Waves: Islands of the North Atlantic and the Challenges of On-Line Music Collaboration in a New Scottish University
Teaching Signal Flow in the Interactive Virtual Environment
Creating a System to Assist the Educator in the Training of the Novice Boom Operator
Thinking in the Box: An Overview of the Audio Mixing Courses Offered at Middle Tennessee State University
Approaches to Signal Flow Pedagogy: A Black Box Model and Scalable, Interactive Studio Modeling Using Prezi Presentation Software
Constructionist Learning with Pure Data: A Graphical Environment for Audio and MIDI Programming
Education for Music Production in Africa: An Imperative for Progress
From Practice to Research and Back Again: Research Skills in Audio Engineering Education
Undergraduate First Semester Audio Project
Collaboration, Creativity, and Communities of Practice: Music Technology Courses as a Gateway to the Industry
Learning Experience in a Multi-Professional University Learning Environment
Capturing Artifacts to Track the Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions of Recording Arts Students
Recording Our Future: A Collaborative Audio Production Learning Experience
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