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New Developments in Music Information Retrieval
Music Listening in the Future: Augmented Music-Understanding Interfaces and Crowd Music Listening
Semantic Speech Tagging: Towards Combined Analysis of Speaker Traits
SyncTS: Automatic Synchronization of Speech and Text Documents
Extraction of Spectro-Temporal Speech Cues for Robust Automatic speech Recognition
Automatic Recognition and Parametrization of Frequency Modulation Techniques in Bass Guitar Recordings
Note Clustering Based on 2-D Source-Filter Modeling for Underdetermined Blind Source Separation
Pitch Estimation by the Pair-Wise Evaluation of Spectral Peaks
Parametric Coding of Audio Objects: Technology, Performance, and Opportunities
Informed Audio Source Separation from Compressed Linear Stereo Mixtures
Compressive Sensing for Music Signals: Comparison of Ttransforms with Coherent Dictionaries
"Sparsification" of Audio Signals Using the MDCT/IntMDCT and a Psychoacoustic Model—Application to Informed Audio Source Separation
Singing Voice Separation from Stereo Recordings Using Spatial Clues and Robust F0 Estimation
Influence of Phase, Magnitude and Location ofHarmonic Components in the Perceived Quality of Extracted Solo Signals
Expressivity in Musical Timing in Relation to Musical Structure and Interpretation: A Cross-Performance, Audio-Based Approach
Interactive Classification of Sound Objects for Polyphonic Electro-Acoustic Music Annotation
Adaptive Distance Measures for Exploration and Structuring of Music Collections
Analyzing Chroma Feature Types for Automated Chord Recognition
Surround Recording Based on a Coincident Pair of Microphones
A Knowledge Representation Framework for Context-Dependent Audio Processing
Improving a Multiple Pitch Estimation Method With AR Models
Polyphonic Music Transcription Using Weighted CQT and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Automatic Classification of Musical Pieces into Global Cultural Areas
Towards Context-Sensitive Music Recommendations Using Multifaceted User Profiles
Regression-Based Tempo Recognition from Chroma and Energy Accents for Slow Audio Recordings
Blind Estimation of Reverberation Time from Monophonic Instrument Recordings Based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Observing Uncertainty in Music Tagging by Automatic Gaze Tracking
A Psychoacoustic Approach to Wave Field Synthesis
Comparative Evaluation and Combination of Audio Tempo Estimation Approaches
Tempo Estimation from Urban Music Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
A Musical Source Separation System Using a Source-Filter Model and Beta-Divergence Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Design of a Karaoke System for Commercial Stereophonic Audio Tracks Aiming a Musical Learning Aid for Amateur Singers
Geometric Source Separation Method of Audio Signals Based on Beamforming and NMF
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