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Detecting Butt-Spliced Edits in Forensic Digital Audio Recordings
Visualization of Magnetic Features on Analogue Audiotapes Is Still an Important Task
Statistical Tools for Multimedia Forensics
Digitally Disguised Voices
Characterizing Formant Tracks in Viennese Diphthongs for Forensic Speaker Comparison
Channel Compensation for Forensic Speaker Identification Using Inverse Processing
Importance of the Relative Delay of Glottal Source Harmonics
Corrupted Speech Intelligibility Improvement Using Adaptive Filter-Based Algorithm
Adjusting a Commercial Speech Enhancement System to Optimize Intelligibility
Speech Enhancement by Adaptive Noise Cancellation: Problems, Algorithms, and Limits
Performance of Closed-Form Acoustic Scene Decomposition for Forensic Analysis
Directional Aspects of Forensic Gunshot Recordings
The Modern Forensic Audio Laboratory—A Public Sector Perspective
Computer Forensics for the Forensic Audio Professional
Voice Carving—Forensic Application of Automatic Speaker Segmentation
Automatic Forensic Voice Comparison Using Recording Adapted Background Models
Bayesian Adaptive Method for Estimating Speech Intelligibility in Noise
C-Qual—A Validation of PESQ Using Degradations Encountered in Forensic and Law Enforcement Audio
Objective Speech Intelligibility Measures Based on Speech Transmission Index for Forensic Applications
Measuring the Effect of Noise Reduction on Listening Effort
Practical and Affordable Intelligibility Testing for Engineers and Algorithm Developers
Forensic Audio Standards
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