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Watermarking and Copy Protection by Information Hiding in Soundtracks
Metadata Requirements for Enabling the Online Recording Industry's New Business Models and Pricing Structures
Audio Meta Data Transcription from Meeting Transcripts for the Continuous Media Web
Low Complexity Musical Meter Estimation from Polyphonic Music
Percussion-Related Semantic Descriptors of Music Audio Files
Automatic Extraction of Tonal Metadata from Polyphonic Audio Recordings
Phone-based Spoken Document Retrieval in Conformance with the MPEG-7 Standard
Efficient Musical Instrument Recognition on Solo Performance Music using Basic Features
MPEG21, What and Why?
An XML-based 3D Audio Scene Metadata Scheme
A System for Harmonic Analysis of Polyphonic Music
Robust Identification of Time-Scaled Audio
Computing Structural Descriptions of Music through the Identification of Representative Excerpts from Audio Files
Towards Describing Perceived Complexity of Songs: Computational Methods and Implementation
How Efficient is MPEG-7 for General Sound Recognition?
Automatic Optimization of a Music Similarity Metric using Similarity Pairs
Automatic Extraction of MPEG-7 Audio Metadata using the Media Asset Management System iFinder
An Opera Information System based on MPEG-7
Drum Pattern Based Genre Classification of Popular Music
Evaluating Rhythmic descriptors for Musical Genre Classification
Music Genre Estimation from Low Level Audio Features
The Audio Metadata in the Radio Broadcasting
Integrated Metadata in the Broadcast Environment
Broadcast Wave and AES Audio in MXF
The Advanced Authoring Format and Its Relevance to the Exchange of Audio Editing Decisions
Audio Metadata used in the Radio Nacional de EspaƱa Sound Archive Project
Integration of Audio Computer Systems and Archives via The SAM/EBU Dublin Core Standard,Tech.doc 3293
Metadata, Identities and Handling Strategies
Introduction to AAF and MXF
Keeping It Simple; BWF and AES31
Role of Registries
Sound Effect Taxonomy Management in Production Environments
Core Metadata: Background and Significance
Managing Large Sound Databases using MPEG7
Tools for Content-based Retrieval and Transformation of Audio using MPEG-7: The SPOffline and the MDTools
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