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AES Names Student Design Competition for Saul Walker

AES Names Student Design Competition for Saul Walker

The Audio Engineering Society is proud to announce that its Convention student design competition has been named the “Saul Walker AES Student Design Competition” in recognition of Mr. Walker’s tremendous impact on the audio industry, as an inventor and as an educator. The naming was formally announced during the AES New York 2017 Opening Ceremony, on Wednesday, October 18, with members of the late Mr. Walker’s family in attendance.

The Saul Walker AES Student Design Competition is an opportunity for aspiring hardware and software engineers to participate in a worldwide contest during AES Conventions and gain recognition for their hard work, technical creativity, and ingenuity, as well as advice and mentorship from the competition judges. Students are encouraged to submit entries, with few restrictions on the nature of the projects, except that designs must be for use with audio. The competition is one of many throughout AES Conventions that are coordinated by the Student Delegate Assembly. “Our student & career events are a cornerstone of the convention and fantastic opportunities for students to grow in their craft,” said Kyle P. Snyder, AES Education Committee Chair. “We’re honored to pay tribute to Saul Walker in the most fitting way possible, by connecting him to future hardware engineers through our educational initiatives.”

Saul Walker was a pioneer in the pro audio industry, an influential teacher and an exceptional man. He began his career as an Electronics Engineer for the U.S. Navy, where his successful designs prompted him to co-found API in 1968. He went on to transform the audio world with innovations including the API 312 mic preamp, the 325 line driver, the 512 mic preamp, the 550 EQ, the 1604 console, the world-renowned 2520 Op Amp and much more. Mr. Walker's incredible talent and creativity helped establish API as an industry mainstay, and after nearly 50 years, his groundbreaking designs are still the backbone of API.

In Mr. Walker’s own words: “In the late 60’s I co-founded API. Back then, we had a simple plan: build the best-sounding audio gear, use superior components, and give the customer the best warranty in the business. Four decades later, API is still faithful to my vision. The designs remain true to my original circuits. I’m still proud of it.”

After his time at API, Mr. Walker continued to lend his brilliance to companies including Otari, Mitsubishi Pro Audio Group, and Anchor Audio, before dedicating himself to teaching. As an educator, Mr. Walker began teaching electronics as an Adjunct Professor of Music Technology at New York University in 2006. He lectured at Schulich School of Music, McGill University, and the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, and as a guest speaker at universities in Canada, USA, and Argentina. Mr. Walker served as a mentor to hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students.

The Audio Engineering Society awarded Mr. Walker a fellowship in 1979 for his innovative console system designs, and in 2011, he received the prestigious AES Silver Medal Award for “decades of innovative analog designs that have raised the bar on audio quality while offering solutions that empower the creative side of all audio engineers.” Mr. Walker engineered audio consoles for film production used at Sony, Skywalker, and Universal. In the broadcast and music production world, Mr. Walker’s products found a home at ABC, NBC, CBS, The Hit Factory, Sunset Sound, The White House, and in private studios for Les Paul, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, to name but a few.

“API is so pleased that the Audio Engineering Society is honoring our co-founder Saul Walker in this way,” remarked API president and owner Larry Droppa. “In addition to developing a large number of our products, Saul has had a significant impact on the audio industry at large, both as an inventor and as an educator.” When the AES shared its competition-naming plans with API, Mr. Droppa’s company stepped forward to further honor its co-founder by funding three “API Bootstrap Awards” to recognize the designs of a student engineer/designer in the spirit of Saul Walker.

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The Sound of Success: AES New York 2017 Convention Student and Career Development Events

Attendees take part in the AES Education and Career Fair at the AES Los Angeles Convention in 2016

Attendees take part in the AES Education and Career Fair at the AES Los Angeles Convention in 2016

 — Student recording competition, Education and Career Fair, mentoring and other events are aimed at furthering student AES attendees’ knowledge and career paths —

The 143rd AES International Convention’s Student and Career Development Events Track features numerous seminars, educational events and networking opportunities aimed at aspiring audio professionals. “Our AES student members and younger attendees are literally the future of the audio industry,” said Kyle P. Snyder, AES New York Education Chair. “Our Student and Career Development events are designed to educate and encourage the next generation of audio industry pros, something that’s always been a top priority for AES.” The events will take place at the upcoming AES New York 2017 Convention, October 18 to 21, at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Student and Career Development sessions and events are part of the full AES NY technical program, comprising hundreds of sessions covering the full spectrum of professional audio. All Access registration is your ticket to maximize your audio experience, an amazing value that includes every opportunity the Convention has to offer. Advance pricing – the best value – is currently available online, with steep discounts for AES Members and an extra special discount for Student Members. Registration is available at www.aesshow.com

On day one, the first Student Delegate Assembly (SDA) meeting will mark the official opening of the Convention’s student program and offer an opportunity to meet with fellow students from around the world. Among other topics, the meeting will announce the finalists in the Student Recording Competition categories and the Student Design Competition, and discuss important issues relevant to all audio students.

Next up will be the first of three Student Recording Critiques, to be held the first three days of the AES New York Convention. In these sessions students will be able to bring their recordings to non-competitive listening sessions on a world-class playback system using PMC loudspeakers and receive feedback on their projects from renowned industry professionals. Day one ends with a party! The always-popular AES Student Party returns to New York for a fun evening where students can relax and meet fellow AES student members and attendees.

Day two’s Student and Career events lead off with the SPARS (Society of Professional Audio Recording Services) Mentoring session, a group speed-mentoring format specifically aimed at students, young professionals and those interested in career advice. Categories to be covered will include live sound/live recording, gaming, sound for picture, studio production and more.

In the Student Design Competition, participants will be able to show off their hardware and software designs, from loudspeakers and DSP plug-ins, to hardware, mobile applications, sound synthesis devices and more. Day two will end with the first of two Student Recording Competitions, where finalists in each category will present and play their projects for a panel of industry judges and attendees.

Day three features the can’t-miss Education and Career Fair. All convention attendees, students and professionals alike will be welcome to visit participating company representatives to find out about job and internship opportunities. Academic institutions offering audio studies will also be present. Bring your resume! Another day three highlight will be the “Teaching Electronic Instrument Design: Technologies and Techniques” seminar, where a panel of university faculty, instrument makers and others will explain how students can go on to careers as software and hardware designers, product specialists, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Day four will feature another must-see panel, “Irons In the Fire: Career Development and Business Mentoring for Independent Music Creatives.” Here, members of the Manhattan Producers Alliance (ManhatPro) from New York, Nashville, San Francisco and Los Angeles will offer fresh insights into career development, developing your brand and your business, and working as a creative talent. Attendees will get one-on-one time with ManhatPro members.

Day four will conclude with the second Student Delegates Assembly meeting, where, among other activities, the judges’ comments and awards will be presented for the Recording Competitions and Design Competitions. In addition, plans for future student activities at local, regional and international levels will be announced.

Additional information and a complete listing of Student and Career Development events are available at http://www.aes.org/events/143/students/


Register now and make plans to join us at the 143rd International AES Convention. AES New York 2017 will be co-located with the NAB Show New York 2017. Registration, at any level, for AES New York 2017 will give attendees access to the NAB Show New York exhibition floor and the content in the NAB Show New York’s Core Package (a $75 value). Register now and reserve housing for the 143rd AES Convention at aesshow.com. “If it’s about audio, it’s at AES”, and if you are serious about advancing your professional audio career, you need to be there too. 

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The AES Announces "The Power of Sound" — AES Milan 2018

The Power of Sound — AES Milan 2018

The Power of Sound — AES Milan 2018

— The 144th International Audio Engineering Society Convention and Exposition, 23-26 May, Milan, Italy —

Embrace “The Power of Sound” with the Audio Engineering Society in Milan, Italy, at the 144th International AES Convention and Exposition, to be held at the spacious and modern NH Hotel Milano Congress Centre. The four-day technical program at AES Milan 2018 will run May 23 through 26, while the expo will be open May 24 through 26.

As the most prominent city in Northern Italy, Milan is a technology and manufacturing stronghold in the heart of a nation characterized by old-world charm and world-renowned as an incubator of innovation. The thinker-craftsman-inventor culture of Italy is notably linked to Leonardo da Vinci, who stands in history as one of the great minds blending science and art. From the father of radio, Guglielmo Marconi, through the Olivetti corporation (inventor of the typewriter and the first programmable desktop computer) to auto-makers Fiat and Ferrari, the many unique and successful technical design and manufacturing firms found throughout Italy have a demonstrable legacy of technological innovation blended with aesthetic style and manufacturing prowess.

“Italy has become a key center-of-gravity for pro audio in the Mediterranean region, increasingly known for the design and manufacture of amplifiers, transducers and loudspeaker systems of all types,” commented AES President-Elect David Scheirman, who will ascend to the Presidency this fall and preside over AES Milan 2018. “Numerous respected professional audio brands throughout Italy are built upon a historical and globally-known heritage of invention, construction, manufacturing and global export, inspiring the ‘Power of Sound’ theme for the 144th AES International Convention.”

The Technical Program at AES Milan will feature a proven mix of sessions covering the latest in audio research, practical workshops and fundamentals tutorials, covering the gamut of professional audio. The program will reflect the title “The Power of Sound” through an emphasis on loudspeaker components, speaker system technology and audio power amplification, taking advantage of regionally available expertise. The companion technology exhibition will house leading manufacturers with wares on hand for demonstration and evaluation, along with educational presentations on the show floor. Individuals with ideas for workshops and tutorials for AES Milan can now view the call for proposals and authors can additionally view the call for papers and engineering briefs.

As Europe’s premier professional audio technology and networking event, AES Milan 2018 simply can’t be missed. There’s no better investment in your career and skills development. Mark your calendar now and watch http://www.aeseurope.com for emerging details about the tech program, exhibitors, registration and housing. “If it’s about audio, it’s at AES”; if you are serious about audio, you should be at AES Milan 2018.

For more information on the AES and how to become involved, visit aes.org.  

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AES New York 2017's Product Development Track to Feature the Industry's Newest Advancements in Audio Technology and Methods

Scott Leslie, AES New York 2017 Product Development Track Chair

Scott Leslie, AES New York 2017 Product Development Track Chair

 — “Disruptive Topics in Audio Product Development” is this year’s theme. Methods of bringing products to market faster, new headphone design techniques, development methods and better audio coding methods,
and more will be covered in series of in-depth seminars —

Advancements in technology and methods are at the very core of the Audio Engineering Society’s efforts, and the 143rd AES International Convention’s Product Development Track (http://www.aes.org/events/143/productdevelopment) will provide a detailed look at the latest innovations in audio product and software development, and the process of bringing those products to market. “The events in this Track have a practical, ‘real-world’ focus, and anyone involved in audio product development will gain new insight and understanding of the critical elements involved,” noted Scott Leslie, AES Product Development Track Chair. “Our Product Development Track spans the entire development process from Concept to Production. Our target audience is anyone who is responsible for product success.”

“Each year we have a theme for the Product Development Track,” Leslie continued, “this year the theme is ‘Disruptive Topics in Audio Product Development.’ The sessions will cover areas where change is disrupting traditional thinking and approaches, with such topics as ‘Modern Hybrid Audio Coding,’ ‘Loudspeaker and Amplifier Power Ratings: Is it Time to Start Over?’ and ‘Is the Anechoic Chamber Obsolete?’ The AES is the audio education leader, and we owe it to our audience to bring them invaluable information and discussions not available to them otherwise.” As has become the standard for the Product Development Track, all sessions are workshops, where the session presenters lead a discussion that is highly interactive and at times quite high-energy. This year’s Product Development Track is part of AES New York 2017, which brings a Maximum Audio experience to the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, October 18 to 21.

The Product Development Track sessions are part of the full AES NY technical program, comprising hundreds of sessions covering the full spectrum of professional audio. All Access registration is your ticket to maximize your audio experience, an amazing value that includes every opportunity the Convention has to offer. Advance pricing – the best value – is currently available online, with steep discounts for AES Members and an extra special discount for Student Members. Registration is available at www.aesshow.com

The Product Development Track events open with “Parallel Development: Speed Time to Market,” led by Scott Leslie. In this seminar Leslie will address the ever-growing time-to-market pressures facing audio manufacturers today. Product lifecycles and windows of opportunity are shrinking, and companies often miss their time-to-market needs because they don’t make the appropriate changes to their development strategy that are required in today’s fast-moving environment. Leslie will lead a discussion on how parallel development can be an effective strategy in speeding time-to-market. He’ll explain ways to leverage best practices, look at the use of both inside and outside resources, evaluate build vs. buy approaches and explain the latest development technologies in the aim of achieving a true parallel development process.

Headphones are on everyone’s minds – and heads! – these days, and the second Product Track Development event, “Headphones, Headsets and Earphones: Electroacoustic Design and Verification” will review basic electroacoustic design concepts, including gain, sensitivity, sound field correction, linear and non-linear response and the use of test signals for ear-worn devices. Presenter Christopher Struck of CJS Labs will cover these and more advanced considerations – such as the concept of insertion gain, equivalent volume and acoustic impedance – while using ear simulators and test mannequins. He’ll also look at issues with interfacing headphones to digital devices over USB and Bluetooth, active vs. passive noise cancellation and more.

Day two leads off with “What Happens in a Patent Lawsuit?,” which will cover what to expect when you’re involved in one – and how to win. “New Amplifier Requirements for Speaker Protection and Control” will address the growing demand for active speaker protection and the design challenges as audio amplifiers transform more and more into “smart” products with integral sensing capabilities, digital interfaces and internal signal processing. Day two closes with “Loudspeaker and Amplifier Power Ratings: Is it Time to Start Over?” How to properly measure amplifier output power and the “power” consumed by a loudspeaker have been subjects of debate for decades, and this session will discuss ways in which the industry can move forward in creating new specifications and testing methods that will give system designers better real-world working parameters.

Day three’s “Modern Hybrid Audio Coding” will present the current state of development in overcoming traditional limits for compression efficiency in audio coding by using semi-parametric, or hybrid, audio signal coding. Audio examples will be used to demonstrate the relevant technologies. “Agile Audio Product Development” will cover the most recent advances in design tools for audio product developers and walk attendees through a typical product development cycle. The next seminar, “Reusing and Prototyping to Accelerate Innovation in Audio Signal Processing,” will explain how designers can re-use existing design assets, code, and IP in bringing complex products like voice-activated devices to market more quickly. Rounding out day three, “Front End Audio Processing for Voice-Enabled Products” will examine processing techniques like beam forming, echo cancellation, direction of arrival estimation and noise reduction, which are necessary for effective voice recognition in consumer and automotive audio products.

“Is the Anechoic Chamber Obsolete?” Day four asks the question and explains that, although using an anechoic chamber is still an effective way to measure loudspeakers, there are pitfalls that must be avoided, and that a new method of holographic measurements based on near-field scanning can provide highly accurate reference data. AES New York 2017’s Product Development Track events will close out with “FIR-Based Beam Shaping – Revolution or Evolution?” This session will examine the next advance in sound field control: horizontal arrays and modular planar systems with steering capabilities, using horizontal and 3D coverage control via FIR filter optimization.

Additional information about the AES Product Development Track is available at: http://www.aes.org/events/143/productdevelopment


Register now and make plans to join us at AES New York 2017. The convention will be co-located with the independent and adjacent NAB Show New York 2017. Registration, at any level, for AES New York 2017 will give attendees access to the NAB Show New York exhibition floor and the content in the NAB Show New York’s Core Package (a $75 value). Register now, upgrade to the All Access registration for the Maximum Audio experience, including the Product Development Track, and reserve housing for the 143rd AES Convention at aesshow.com.

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AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium Announces Innovative Education Program

AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio

AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio

— Registration opens early next month; Offering more than 250 training sessions — 


To be held concurrently with The 2018 NAMM Show from January 25-28 in Anaheim, CA, the inaugural AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio is a unique education and training program being presented by the Audio Engineering Society. The four-day symposium comprises a unique, high-end education and training program targeted at professionals working in live sound, recording and audio for the performing arts. AES@NAMM will be held in the NAMM Education Campus located inside the Anaheim Hilton Hotel, and adjacent to a brand-new exhibit space showcasing pro audio’s leading brands.

“AES@NAMM is an international attraction for those involved in the fields of live sound, recording technologies and the application of pro audio in support of performing arts,” states AES President Alex Case. “Registration opens next month for our wide range of education sessions and academy trainings targeted at audio engineers, sound reinforcement technicians, system operators, recording professionals, audio equipment specialists and other associated practitioners. We have organized a rich and varied program that will match the informational needs of a broad cross section of active professionals.”

As with all Technical Sessions at AES Conferences and Conventions, AES@NAMM is fee-based, with limited seating secured through advance registration. Attendees can purchase single-session tickets, or half-day or whole-day badges. Academy trainees will receive a Certificate of Attendance to confirm their participation in training and educational sessions. Each AES@NAMM registrant also will receive a NAMM Show badge with full access to all exhibits and other activities. 

The innovative AES@NAMM program will feature day-long training conducted by manufacturers of contemporary live sound consoles and studio digital audio workstations, in addition to half-day line array loudspeaker system training. “There will also be entertainment wireless and system optimization educational themes,” explains Mark Frink, Director, Programming & Content, “including classroom training of hardware- and software-based products from these fields. Renowned author and engineer Bobby Owsinski will host a special Studio & Recording Technology Session Series, while John Murray will oversee Science & Technology Sessions, including Measurement And System Optimization.”

NAMM Education Campus
AES@NAMM’s Education Campus comprises 20 rooms on the fourth floor of the Hilton facing the Grand Plaza. Symposium sessions will run 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Thursday, January 25, through Sunday, January 28, with the last day ending at 4:00 pm. Day-long DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Academy and Live Sound Console Academy courses of manufacturer-based training take place in eight rooms. Half-day morning and afternoon Line Array Loudspeaker System Academy themes will be held in a bank of six classrooms and a spacious system setup area.

The special Studio Session Series targeted at the studio and post-production communities includes Mastering for The Streaming Age, which will discuss multiple masters, dynamic range and hot levels; The State Of The Art of Do-It-Yourself, which will provide an overview of today’s DIY marketplace; and Sound Design for Tentpole Films, which will focus on techniques used in blockbuster motion pictures.

“The Live Sound Console Academy comprises day-long sessions for 24 students with instruction on control-surface orientation,” Frink continues, “followed by an exploration of each console’s features and use. It concludes with a sound check of a live band, and culminates in the mixing of several songs.”

AES Papers and Workshops, as well as special Spanish and Mandarin daily sessions, will be accommodated in a separate room. The program also includes classrooms for professional audio software and hardware manufacturers’' training. 

For more click here: AES@NAMM

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Renowned Recording Engineer and Producer Leslie Ann Jones to Deliver Heyser Lecture "Paying Attention" at AES New York Convention

Renowned Recording Engineer and Producer Leslie Ann Jones to Deliver Heyser Lecture "Paying Attention" at AES New York Convention

The AES has announced that the award-winning and highly renowned recording engineer and producer Leslie Ann Jones of Skywalker Sound will deliver the Heyser Memorial Lecture at the upcoming AES New York Convention, taking place October 18 to 21 at the Jacob Javits Center. “Almost any superlatives applied to Jones and her decades of work would be understatement,” said Francis Rumsey, AES Technical Council Chair. “Her lecture, fittingly titled ‘Paying Attention,’ promises to take attendees on a fascinating, educational and inspirational retrospective of the sessions leading to her vast discography and filmography, including those moments when focusing on the right detail has both sustained and enriched her storied career.” The Heyser Memorial lecture will take place on the opening evening of the convention – October 18, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Jones will also be featured during the 143rd International AES Convention in the special event presentation “Bearing Witness: The Music of Star Wars – Archiving Art and Technology,” on day two. 

First established in 1999 by the AES Technical Council and the Board of Governors in conjunction with the Richard Heyser Scholarship fund, the Heyser Lecture series, featured at each AES Convention, brings eminent individuals in audio engineering and related fields to speak on a relevant topic of choice. The Heyser Lecture is part of the Special Events schedule, open to all convention attendees.

Leslie Ann Jones has been a recording and mixing engineer for over 35 years. Starting her career at ABC Recording Studios in Los Angeles in 1975, she moved to Northern California in 1978 to accept a staff position with David Rubinson and Fred Catero at the legendary Automatt Recording Studios. There she worked with such artists as Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Holly Near, Angela Bofill, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Carlos Santana and Narada Michael Walden, and started her film score mixing career with Apocalypse Now. From 1987 to 1997 she was a staff engineer at Capitol Studios, located in the historic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood. She recorded projects with Rosemary Clooney, Michael Feinstein, Michelle Shocked, BeBe & CeCe Winans, and Marcus Miller, as well as the scores for several feature films and television shows.

In February of 1997 she returned to Northern California to accept a position as Director of Music Recording and Scoring with Skywalker Sound, where she continues her engineering career recording and mixing music for records, films, video games, television, and commercials, and has further added Record Producer to her list of credits.
Jones has received four GRAMMY® Awards and has been nominated multiple times (in categories including Best Engineered Recording, Non-Classical; and Best Surround Sound Album) and is a popular presenter, panelist and mentor at AES conventions and events. Additionally, she is a past Chair of The Recording Academy’s Board of Trustees. She serves on the Advisory Boards of Institute for Musical Arts, Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) and is an Artistic Advisor to the new Technology and Applied Composition degree program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Register now and make plans to join us at the 143rd International AES Convention. AES New York 2017 will be co-located with the NAB Show New York 2017. Registration, at any level, for AES New York 2017 will give attendees access to the NAB Show New York exhibition floor and the content in the NAB Show New York’s Core Package (a $75 value). Register now and reserve housing for the 143rd AES Convention at aesshow.com.

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AES Issues Call for Comment on Media Network Directory Requirements

AES Issues Call for Comment on Media Network Directory Requirements

The Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee has issued a Call for Comment on the draft technical document “Media Network Directories Requirements”. From this document (which also addresses directory-related services) and the comments received, the AES Task Group on AES-X238, media network directory architecture (task group SC-02-12-N), will develop a set of requirements for media network directory standards that will work for present and future media network applications. Interested parties are encouraged to submit general and specific comments, proposed additions or changes, and responses to the specific questions it poses.

Media network directories are application-layer mechanisms that collect, store and disseminate information about devices, application services, and other elements of media networks. They are used for connection management, network supervision and other purposes.

The standard that will result from this document will be aimed at directory protocols that specify:

  • Registration, query, and administration protocols
  • Security mechanisms
  • Directory data model
  • Query language and related semantics
  • Scalability strategies by defining both peer-to-peer and server-supported modes

Although directories are used by connection management mechanisms, such mechanisms are not addressed in this document. In this context, "connection management" means the protocols and processes in a media network by which signal flows are set up, monitored, and taken down.

Numerous companies and individuals are involved in developing media networking technology. “It is crucial that AES Standards reflect the best ideas from everyone working in media networking in its various application areas,” said SC-02-12-N task group leader Jeff Berryman. He continued, “The Society believes that a completely open process ultimately produces better and more widely accepted standards. Consequently, we have issued this call for comment.” 

Copies of the document may be obtained from the AES Standards web site at http://www.aes.org/standards/comments/cfc-aes-X238-170725.cfm. Responses should be submitted by September 30, 2017 to ensure that they may be considered by the task group in advance of and during their meeting at the Audio Engineering Society fall convention in New York.

Interested individuals are encouraged to join the SC-02-12-N task group and, if possible, to attend the meeting at the Audio Engineering Society fall convention in New York. Attendance at the meeting is not required in order to join the task group.  

In addition to direct participation in the AES Standards process, individuals and organizations interested in supporting AES Standards work can find details on participating as an AES Standards Sustainer at http://www.aes.org/standards/development/membership.cfm.   

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The Audio Engineering Society Announces 2017 Election Results

AES incoming President-Elect Nadja Wallaszkovits

AES incoming President-Elect Nadja Wallaszkovits

The AES has released the list of winning candidates from the balloting in the 2017 Audio Engineering Society international elections. The newly elected officers will assume their roles in October, shortly after the end of the 143rd International AES Convention in New York. Entering the office of President-Elect is Nadja Wallaszkovits, who will serve first on the AES Board of Governors and Executive Committee as President-Elect, fully assuming the Presidency in October 2018 for a one-year term. Joining the Board of Governors as Treasurer-Elect is Richard Wollrich, who will serve alongside Treasurer Garry Margolis for one year, then begin a two-year term as Treasurer. Also in October, current President Alex Case will remain on the Executive Committee as Past President for the 2017-2018 term, as current President-Elect David Scheirman advances into the Presidency.

Joining President-Elect Wallaszkovits and Treasurer-Elect Wollrich on the AES Board of Governors will be eight newly elected Governors and officers, all beginning two-year terms in October: 

Vice President Central Region, U.S. & Canada: Mike Porter

Vice President Central Region, Europe: Thomas Görne

Vice President Southern Region, Europe/Middle East/Africa: Ufuk Önen

Vice President Latin American Region: Cesar Lamschtein

Vice President International Region (Asia/Pacific): Shusen Wang

Governor: Kyle P. Snyder, Jonathan Wyner, Martha de Francisco

“In this exciting period of growth and innovation for the Audio Engineering Society, the membership has voted in a dynamic group of new officers,” said AES President Alex Case. ‘I personally look forward to working with, and learning from, these talented individuals as they apply their diverse knowledge and experience to the task of leading the Society into the future.” 

Additionally, in order to more accurately reflect current and future AES membership demographics, the AES membership approved a bylaws change that eliminated the previously mandated position of VP International Region. The VP International position is expected to be renamed VP Asia Region. Along with the 2016 member reallocation and renaming of the VP Southern Europe Region role to VP Southern Region, Europe/Middle East/Africa, the change more uniformly serves AES membership in the affected countries.

Within the stipulations of the AES bylaws, the overall function and direction of the AES is established by the Society’s Board of Governors, which is elected by voting members of the Society. The Society’s Executive Director operates and manages the AES headquarters in New York City and reports to the Executive Committee, which consists of the Society’s corporate officers. In turn, the Executive Committee reports on its activities and on issues facing the Society to the full Board of Governors. The AES President serves as the CEO of the Society, under the supervision and direction of the Board of Governors.  

The Board of Governors consists of:

(1) the Society’s corporate officers (President; President-Elect; Immediate Past-President; Secretary; and Treasurer)

(2) the Treasurer-Elect (when there is an incoming Treasurer). The Treasurer-Elect serves for one year as non-voting Executive Committee member and as a voting Board of Governors member, before assuming the office of Treasurer.

(3) the eight Regional Vice-Presidents (Eastern USA/Canada; Central USA/Canada; Western USA/Canada; Northern Europe; Central Europe; Southern Europe/Middle East/Africa; Latin America; Asia)

(4) and eight Governors-at-Large


For more information on the AES and how to become involved, visit aes.org.


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Exclusive AES New York 2017 One World Trade Center Broadcast Operations Event Slated for Oct 18

Photo by Joe Mabel (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Photo by Joe Mabel (CC-BY-SA-2.0)


There are myriad perspectives from which to view One World Trade Center’s rebuilding after the tragedies of 9/11. From the broadcast perspective, 2017 marks a notable milestone – the resumption of television transmission from atop One WTC. The latest transmitter and antenna technology will be deployed at One WTC, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at a symbolic 1,776 feet in height; it will resume broadcast operations as one of the world’s elite broadcast centers.

The consistently rich program of the Broadcast and Streaming Track of the Audio Engineering Society’s annual convention will uphold that tradition at AES New York 2017, to be held in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center, October 18 – 21. Included in the Track’s schedule is an exclusive event at One WTC on the Convention’s opening night

“Following on the success of the sold-out Empire State Building event at the AES New York 2015 Convention,” said David Bialik, Chair of the highly-regarded Broadcast and Streaming Track for over three-decades, “the Audio Engineering Society is privileged to have a guided tour by John Lyons of the Durst Organization to the One World Trade Center broadcast facility as it prepares to begin operation before year’s end. It is a singular privilege to be able to offer this opportunity to AES New York 2017 attendees.” The event will cover the design, development and technology of this state-of-the-art facility.

The event, while open to all convention attendees who were registered for AES New York 2017 by the end-of-day October 3, is strictly limited in capacity and requires mandatory pre-registration. Registered Convention attendees can apply for an event ticket on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 11 a.m. Eastern on October 9 at http://www.aes.org/events/143/broadcast/wtcregistration/. Individuals can only register themselves; there will be no “plus-one” or group registration options.

The October 18 event will begin promptly at 7:30 PM. Once the event attendees are confirmed, ticket holders will be provided details on where to enter One WTC, identification required and easy subway instructions.

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AES New York Convention Releases Preliminary Details of Tech Program

AES New York: Maximum Audio

AES New York: Maximum Audio

— Start anticipating your AES New York Convention experience through event highlights —


The Audio Engineering Society has unveiled a preliminary calendar of events for the upcoming 143rd AES International Convention, taking place October 18 to 21, 2017, at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. With a full range of presentations and workshops spanning all segments of the professional audio industry, the AES New York Convention offers four full days of the latest in audio research and development led by some of the most influential individuals in the industry. As the detailed program listings and calendar are updated rapidly in coming days, find the latest on the Technical Program, presenters and Registration information at aesshow.com.

The online AES New York 2017 Technical Program and Events calendar provides the clearest overview of the AES 143rd Convention events and activities covering Audio for Cinema, Broadcast and Streaming Media, Recording and Production, Education, Archiving and Restoration, Audio History, Product Development, Spatial Audio, Game Audio and VR, Sound Reinforcement and much more. Sessions are laid out in Tracks according to areas of interest, with each Track’s program material featuring Tutorials, Workshops, Research Paper Presentations and Engineering Briefs, as well as a lineup of special guest speakers, expert panel presentations and face-to-face networking opportunities. Additional Student and Career events, Technical Tours of local facilities, Standards meetings and other AES Convention programs will also offer unique opportunities for attendees.

“This is truly one of the most exciting times of the year, for myself and for the AES,” states Bob Moses, AES Executive Director. “The announcement of the Technical Program and calendar for our annual fall AES Convention marks the time when the first fruits of our year-round committee planning and evaluation efforts, and the hard work of our excellent convention planners and contributors, are shared with the audio community at large. If you’re looking to get into the latest technologies and techniques, with the most exciting names in the industry as your guides, you need to be at AES New York 2017. While this year’s debut of several new expositions and exhibition hall stages will offer our most engaging and educational exhibits area to date, a few minutes browsing the technical program should convince you that the Maximum Audio experience includes the full technical program. ‘If it’s about audio, it’s at AES’ – your All Access registration is your ticket to everything that AES New York 2017 has to offer.”

Register now and make plans to join us at the 143rd International AES Convention. Advance registration offers the lowest pricing available on technical program All Access badges, with discounts for AES members (equal to the cost of membership) and an amazing value for Student Members. In addition, AES New York 2017 will be co-located with the NAB Show New York 2017. Registration, at any level, for AES New York 2017 will give attendees access to the NAB Show New York exhibition floor and the content in the NAB Show New York’s Core Package (a $75 value). Register now and reserve housing for the 143rd AES Convention at aesshow.com.  

Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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