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A Message from AES Directors

A Message from AES Directors


We welcome the change that will result in the renaming of the Gears***z audio forum/platform.  We applaud those who shone a light on a name that created friction and unintentionally broadcast a painful message of dis-inclusion to those who are hungry to have a community based on shared interest in audio and who want to learn by participating in that community. 


The Audio Engineering Society encourages collegiality and collaboration through membership, and hosts events and forums in the spirit of disseminating knowledge in a supportive, welcoming, and friendly environment. While the forum is not affiliated with the AES, we are encouraged that its leadership listened to those who sought to shine a spotlight on a problem and ultimately by responding with change for the betterment of all.


We support all in the industry who are working towards an environment of inclusivity and who are willing to examine the status quo and implement constructive change.


     – The AES Board of Directors

Posted: Saturday, January 2, 2021

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