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AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Best Papers Awards and Student Competition Winners Announced

AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Best Papers Awards and Student Competition Winners Announced

AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Best Papers Awards and Student Competition Winners Announced

— AES Best Papers Awards presented during online Opening Ceremonies highlight top research and advancements in audio engineering —

The AES announced the winners of the AES Show Fall 2020 Convention’s Best Technical Paper and Best Student Paper Awards during the Convention’s Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, October 27. The awards highlight outstanding research Paper contributions from both professional and student authors and are illustrative of the depth of the AES Convention Papers presentations, which share and showcase top worldwide research and advancements in audio engineering. Additionally, winners of the AES Show 2020 Student Competitions were announced during the Ceremony, including submissions across a variety of recording engineering and design categories. The complete AES Show Opening Ceremonies, along with the rest of this year’s online convention, are available On Demand at AESShow.com through November 30.

The AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Best Technical Paper Award, presented by AES Show Papers Co-chair Areti Andreopoulou, was awarded to Juhani Paasonen and co-author Ville Pulkki for their peer-reviewed paper “Short-range renderings of virtual sources for multichannel loudspeaker setups.” The paper’s abstract reads:
A method for rendering virtual sources is proposed, where the sources are perceived to be closer than the loudspeaker array radius. The development is based on an informal finding about closer perception of the range of virtual sources rendered coherently over multiple loudspeakers. To avoid sound quality issues inherent with coherent rendering, the input is split to two streams, one with more transients and the other with smoother temporal envelope. The transient stream is rendered over coherent reproduction, and the continuous stream is processed with time-frequency-domain spreading technique. The results from localization tests with moving sources show that the proposed method produces the perception of closer distances on both sweet-spot and off-sweet-spot listening.

The paper can be downloaded from the AES E-Library at https://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=20938

The AES Show 2020 Best Student Paper Award was presented by AES Show Papers Co-chair Braxton Boren and was presented to Michele Ebri and co-authors Nicolò Strozzi, Filippo Maria Fazi, Angelo Farina and Luca Cattani for their paper “Individual Listening Zone with Frequency-Dependent Trim of Measured Impulse Responses.” The paper’s abstract reads:
Acoustic Contrast Control (ACC) has been widely used to achieve individual audio delivery in shared environments. The effectiveness of this method is reduced when the control is performed in reverberant environments. Even if control filters are computed using measured transfer functions, the robustness of the system is affected by the presence of reverberation in the plant matrix. In this paper a new optimization method is presented to improve the ACC algorithm by applying a frequency-dependent windowing of the measured impulse response used for the filter computation, thus removing late reflections. The effects of this impulse response optimization are presented by means of sound zoning results obtained from experimental measurements performed in a car cabin.

The paper can be downloaded from the AES E-Library at https://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=20946

AES Show Student Competition winners were also announced for the Student Recording Competitions (Traditional Acoustic, Traditional Studio, Modern Studio, Sound for Visual Media, Remix, and Immersive Audio categories), the Saul Walker Student Design Competition, and the MATLAB Plugin Competition. The complete lists of Student Competition winners and judges, and sponsor information are available at https://www.aes.org/students/blog/2020/10/winners-of-student-competitions.

Visit AESShow.com to watch the AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Opening Ceremonies and awards presentations, Technical Program sessions, Partner Showcase exhibitions, and much more available On Demand through November. Showcase registration is free for AES Members, while non-members can register for just $25, or for free with a VIP promo code from one of the AES Show Partners (special thanks to AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Platinum Partners Amazon Devices, Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, Genelec, NTP Technology [DAD, Penta], and The Recording Academy Producers and Engineers Wing). For everything AES Show 2020 has to offer, including the comprehensive Technical Program and the Papers presentations, All Access Registration is still available, starting at just $149 for AES Members and $99 for AES Student Members.

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Posted: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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