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June 2010

Digital Audio Educational CD Released

This new educational CD, produced by the AES Technical Committee on Signal Processing (TC_SP), is intended primarily to address issues relevant to digital signal processing algorithm designers and implementers.

Digital audio systems have obviously become ubiquitous in recent years, due in large part to the ingenuity and effort of Audio Engineering Society members. The maturity of the digital audio signal processing field can present a serious challenge for new students, researchers, software engineers, product testers, and other newcomers who must try to understand the relevance and relative importance of various signal processing parameters without being able to hear and see the details and effects: simply reading a written description is not the best way to learn and understand audio processing issues.

Since a typical characteristic of audio digital signal processing algorithms is the need for sustained, uninterrupted processing, even a single sample dropout or parameter update error can result in an audible artifact. Detecting, diagnosing, and correcting this sort of implementation error often requires experience listening for the defects, and examples of this type are included on this CD. The examples on this disc are intended to demonstrate a variety of the effects, both good and bad, that digital audio signal processing engineers are likely to come across in their work.

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Posted: Thursday, June 3, 2010

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