Download Standards Models and Data Files

AES Standards Models

  • All models are described in UML.
  • The XML files are in XMI 2.1 format, which is a standard interchange format for UML, as defined in ISO/IEC 19509:2014.
  • The XML files are normative.
  • The EAP files are informative and are included for ease of reference.
  • The EAP files may be read by Enterprise Architect, a UML tool from Sparx Systems, Sparx Systems offers a free EAP file reader with non-expiring license. Windows, Linux, and MAC OS versions are available.
Use "File Save As" to download files from the following links
AES70-2 2018Annex AOCC, the AES70 class structure Download Download
AES70-2 2015Annex AOCC, the AES70 class structure Download Download
AES70-3 2018Annex BOCP.1 the AES70 protocol data unit structure Download Download
AES70-3 2015Annex BOCP.1 the AES70 protocol data unit structure Download Download

Music-Noise test signals

AES75 AES standard for acoustics - Measuring loudspeaker maximum linear sound levels using noise details a procedure for measuring maximum linear sound levels of a loudspeaker system or driver using a test signal called Music-Noise. The Music-Noise signal is provided in 48kHz and 96kHz sample rate versions. The standard also references three files which are used for determining the characteristics of the coherence measurement being used.

The Music-Noise signals and the coherence test tracks may be downloaded in a single zip file from this link.

STIPA verification test signals

IEC-60268-16 rev. 5 describes test signals in Annexes A and C that are intended to be used to verify STIPA implementations. Those test signals are provided here.

If you are implementing STIPA in software or firmware, we recommend that you closely study the standard (including Annexes A and C) and take guidance on verification requirements that are given there. A summary of the test signals, and how these are to be used, are given in the IEC-60268-16 Test Signal description that can be downloaded here.

The test signals for each of the verification tests can be downloaded here. Use "File Save As" to download files from the following links:
IEC-60268-16Annex A2.2 weighting factor tests Download
IEC-60268-16Annex A3.1.2 filter bank tests Download
IEC-60268-16Annex C3.2 direct method modulation depth tests Download
IEC-60268-16Annex C3.3 indirect method modulation depth tests Download
IEC-60268-16Annex C4.2 filter bank slope tests Download

All of the above verification test signals were developed by Embedded Acoustics and may be used for commercial and non-commercial use free of charge.

Note that the above signals are NOT intended for doing STIPA tests. These signals are intended only to verify that a STIPA implementation complies exactly with the requirements of the standard.

If you need a STIPA test signal, please consider that all STIPA signals offered by manufacturers of measuring instruments are copyrighted by their respective developers. If you require a STIPA (or full STI) signal for your own STI implementation, you have the option to develop your own signal or license an existing signal.

Bedrock Audio allows free download of (copyrighted and watermarked) STIPA and Full STI signals from their site

Bedrock allows unrestricted non-commercial use of their signals, but a paid license is required if you intend to redistribute or promote the signal for use with your own STIPA implementation.

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