Project AES-X246 initiation

[page updated 2018-10-06]

This project was proposed by A. Kuzub. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-05 and assigned to the SC-05-02 Working Group on Audio Connectors.

TITLE AES-X246, AES Standard: Audio over quad twisted pair
SCOPE This standard documents 8C8P (RJ45) pin-outs commonly used in analog and digital professional audio applications, including channel/link order, signal polarity and phantom power compatibility. Conformance with this standard will identify mutually compatible devices, enabling users to avoid problems when employing equipment from multiple manufacturers.
RATIONALE The RJ45 - 8P8C connector and quad twisted pair cable has become ubiquitous throughout the datacom (data communications) industry for Ethernet connections. This high-volume usage has greatly reduced costs, making the hardware attractive for other applications. In typical installations, it is necessary to connect multiple signals from one location to another. Consequently several manufacturers have developed schemes to connect 4 balanced analog audio signals or 4 balanced AES3 connections using this hardware. Unfortunately equipment from different manufacturers is often incompatible. This standard identifies the commercially available variants and specifies a labeling scheme so users may select compatible equipment or takes steps to alleviate the problems
WHO BENEFITS? Manufacturers and users in production, post production and broadcasting.
WHY AES? The AES membership spans the full range of users and organizations likely to use and beneift from the recommendations.
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