Project AES-X224 initiation

[page updated 2013-11-04]

This project was proposed by C. Lacinak. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-07 and assigned to the SC-07-01 Working group on Audio Metadata.

TITLE AES-X224, Metadata integrity in audio files
SCOPE to create a guide for manufacturers of audio hardware, software and computer platforms describing best practices for the management of metadata embedded in audio files.
OUTPUT INTENT Information Document
RATIONALE With increasing use of embedded metadata, consisting of descriptive, technical, rights and more, a corresponding importance and reliance are being placed on it. It is important to recognize the current issues with metadata management within the ecosystem that makes up the audio industry and the way this can affect the reliable communication of metadata.

We look to the photo industry as a great example of metadata management throughout the program chain from originators to aggregators and users of content.

This document would not take a stance on any specific metadata standards or initiatives. Neither does it take a stance on the virtues of using embedded metadata or not. It will simply provide guidance on how to properly manage embedded metadata so that it performs reliably.

WHO BENEFITS? Audio software developers; originators and users of recorded audio material
WHY AES? Reliable metadata will be vital for the on-going development of audio engineering systems.
AES - Audio Engineering Society